Oowa Lens
Oowa Lens is world's first free-form lens by DynaOptics.

Oowa lens is a new revolutionary smartphone lens developed by San Francisco-based startup DynaOptics. The company led by CEO Li Han Chan also has an operation centre in Singapore.

Most of the smartphone lenses fall short in providing clearer image, especially at the corners. The reason behind this is the circular shape of an image generated by such lenses. These circular images can cause problems like color aberration and distortion near the edges, thus resulting into capturing inadequate details and displaying poor quality.

To solve the problem, DynaOptics with its Oowa lens forms a rectangular image rather than giving it a curve.

“What we are able to do with this freeform lens is essentially create a rectangular-like image so that it maps exactly onto the rectangular shape of the image sensor that’s in the phone,” Li Han stated during an interview.

Free-form Lens

Oowa Lens was tested against 3 other lenses: a $20 clip-on lens, an expensive OlloClip lens and a Moment lens.

The lenses were competed using a white sheet featuring multiple lines of dots and the results were:

  1. The $20 clip-on lens failed miserably around the corners of the image, showed color aberration and distortion of the dot.
  2. Expensive OlloClip Lens looked normal and found with no detectable image issue with the naked eye.
  3. Moment Lens displayed no distortion in form of the dot, but displayed color aberration on the dot’s circumference.
  4. Oowa Lens shows no distortion and no color aberration in the image. It came with better image definition than the one produced by the expensive OlloClip Lens.

To cut short the long story, Oowa Lens won over the other lenses for clarity.

With the motto “Free-form lenses in every camera,” the startup was founded in 2013. The lens maker is, by the time, backed by angel investors and funds.

Free-form lens is a term coined by the lens startup itself, which they credit to the proprietary manufacturing process the company makes use of.

DynaOptics, an ensemble of around 15-20 employees, assures its backers (and consumers, of course!) to have “cleaner and sharper images” using the lens.

Oowa Lens Kickstarter

For the moment, Oowa lens is available on Kickstarter. Two separate variants of the Oowa lens are up for purchase at the crowdfunding website. One of them is a 15 mm wide-angle lens, while the other is a 2.5X zoom-capable lens. By now, the lenses are available only for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus.

DyanOptics has rest assured users that Android versions are coming soon. Owing to the fact that the Oowa Lens clips on to a case, it will not be available for every Android device.

Both the lenses, along with a black-colored phone case, are priced at $79 on the Kickstarter campaign listing. The campaign is set to wrap up on July 8.

Oowa Lens: world’s first-ever free-form smartphone lens
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Oowa Lens: world’s first-ever free-form smartphone lens
Oowa Lens, a free-form smartphone lens by Californian startup DynaOptics, is available at Kickstarter. The lens produces a rectangular image.
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