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Full review – AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android Security

Securing your computer and portable devices with antivirus is dire need to keep your sensitive information and content safe. Companies like Norton and Avast are busy working on a single-product solution for internet security. But AVG has tried hands on the opposite approach. The company is chipping away with multiple apps for computers and mobile devices for internet security – with AVG AntiVirus Pro.

What’s most popular among its products is its primary anti-malware app for Android platform – AVG AntiVirus Pro. It offers a wide array of anti-theft and privacy-protection tools at a cost of $14.99 per year. You can also unlock the premium features to explore its full potential by downloading a few additional apps.

In this article, we are going to cover all details and features and help offer you a genuine review. Let’s get started:

Here, we’ll discuss only the review of AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android Security. If you’re looking for an unbiased review of the software for Windows, then go through our post on AVG Antivirus Free review: best free antivirus.

Interface and Setup

AVG Setup and interface

As soon as you download AVG Antivirus, you will find that its free version just a snap. Once you have downloaded the app from Google Play, AVG will prompt you to create a new account with your email address. Now when you click on the link in the confirmation email, AVG will get up and running on your Android device.

Upgrading to AVG AntiVirus Pro using your license keyword seems bit difficult. You will find a button in the app named Enter Initiation Code. If AVG doesn’t recognize your key when you paste it in the space, calm down as later it will prompt you to see license option in the upgrade menu.

Users who create an AVG account, get a 30-days trial for AVG AntiVirus Pro.

It includes anti-theft and privacy protection features like an app locker, SIM-card replacement protection, and even a camera trap to let you find out who is trying to get into your device.

You can’t ignore the advertisement stuff in the free trial version, though. Ads appear at the bottom of the home screen, which disappear when you unlock the paid version of AVG AntiVirus Pro. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. The top half of the home screen is divided into four buttons – Protection, Anti-Theft, Performance, and Privacy.

When you tap on each button, it opens up a submenu along with some additional tools and options. You can see context-based info in each submenu, like a number of blocked calls in the Privacy menu or the total free storage in the performance menu.

The bottom half of screen shows a status indicator that helps you check if your device is secure or at risk. An additional Scan Now option launches a full system scan. Protect another device button takes you to Google Play page for AVG Zen, a free app for Android to remotely scan your mobile devices and PCs.

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Performance and Scan

Performance and detection AVG

AVG AntiVirus Pro serves you with three scan options – a standard scan to inspect all installed apps, a file scanner to sweep selected folders for malware, and a settings scanner to check your security settings. It lets you know in case you have any threat or risky settings enabled. AVG Antivirus Pro can also be setup to scan your text messages and external storage.

AVG Antivirus Pro is one of the best antivirus solutions scans latest installed apps automatically. You can set a scheduled standard scan once a day or week. Yet you can’t select any specific time or day when the scan should run, unlike other antivirus apps. Now that’s something quite annoying!

According to November’s test report AV-TEST independent security lab, around 95 percent of 2,928 malware samples were detected. This seems something below the industry standard of 97.6 percent. It fell behind five other Android antivirus software evaluated recently.

In tests, AVG Antivirus Pro showed below-average scores, yet average users won’t notice the difference in performance. You will find a pool of performance-boosting utilities within the app. Main tools includes a task killer, a storage-usage tool to tell you how much space every apps consumes on your device, and a data-plan tool to display the amount of mobile and Wi-Fi traffic every apps uses.

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It also offers a battery-consumption utility that serves two purposes – alerts you when your battery is low, and activates a power-saving mode that disables additional features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, reduces brightness, shut auto sync and auto-rotate and cuts down volume to 15 percent. Where all these seem useful enough, you can find the very same features in stock Android as well.

AVG Cleaner for free users

Apart from it, you will find button in the Performance menu to install AVG Zen, and AVG Cleaner, and a Battery Booster app that cleans your device’s entire cache, browser history, call logs, and downloads. Both apps are available on Google Play for free. The apps works perfectly with AVG AntiVirus Pro interface after installation process.

It might feel bit annoying when downloading additional apps to explore full features of AVG AntiVirus Pro.

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Data-privacy and Anti-theft

Data protection and anti-theft AVG

Lost your device or think it has been stolen? AVG AntiVirus Pro lets you lock your device remotely, erase its data, locate your device via GPS, and even make it emit a loud alarm noise with just by sending a text message to your device with a particular command – AVGLocate + password, for example.

You can also send these commands to your device from the Web console at m.ag.com/anti-theft.

It also has a Camera Trap feature that secretly snaps a photo with the front-facing camera, in case someone fails to enter your password three times after you’ve remotely locked your device. The feature works well than the Sneak Peek feature in Norton Mobile Security.

Another pro feature in the app is Device Lock. It locks your phone in case the SIM card is replaced. This feature seems helpful, other antivirus offers a step further by sending a text-based alert to friends or family with a link to its current location in Google Maps, when SIM card is removed and replaced.

AVG AntiVirus Pro offers a wide array of privacy-protection tools. You can add numbers with a call or a message to either a trusted list or blocked list. It also lets you switch phone to silent mode or send an auto-reply text message when you receive calls from defined numbers.

AVG Privacy Fix

AVG AntiVirus Pro full version comes bundled with an App Lock tool to avoid anyone from accessing your selected apps unless correct password is entered. It also offers an App backup utility to store app data right no your SD card. The process can be a bit annoying to users as it requires you to enter password even if you switch out of the app accidentally.

At the end, AVG AntiVirus Pro offers real-time web security. It scans all pages for any malicious possibility before they can load and harm your device. It also blocks access to sites that poses threat.

You can enjoy the feature on both – Android browser and on Chrome, replacing the older browser on Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5 Lollipop.

Users running third-party browsers such as Dolphin or Opera, better luck in future!

Web console

Go to m.avg.com/anti-theft to access AVG’s Web console. You can manage your AVG subscriptions across multiple devices including Android, Mac, and PC. The Web console has simple interface, easy to navigate, and features anti-theft commands ordered in tabs at the top of the screen and a central map that shows your device’s current location.

You can use the leftmost tab as drop-down menu to select the device you need to manage.

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AVG AntiVirus Pro Premium vs. Lite version

You can upgrade AVG AntiVirus Pro with either a subscription on Google Play or you can simply download AVG AntiVirus Free and then upgrade it to Pro within the app. AVG AntiVirus Free features full version except for Camera Lock, App Backup, and Device Lock. The free version of AVG AntiVirus Pro shows adware at the bottom of the screen.

Create an AVG account and unlock a 30-day trial of the full version!

The pros

  • Easy interface
  • Reasonable price
  • Reliable anti-theft and privacy-protection tools

The cons

  • Inefficient malware protection
  • Difficult to schedule scans
  • Different features breaks into separate apps

The bottom line

AVG Antivirus Pro comes with professional Android anti-theft and privacy tools.

Just keep in mind to download a couple of apps to unlock the full features of the app.

AVG Antivirus Pro is decent anti-malware suite for Android. If what you expect is protection from every possible type of malware, you might want to look at some other options. Overall, it’s still a good choice if you don’t get bothered with the one software broken into several apps. Despite all, AVG AntiVirus Pro offers protection against malware up to an extent and features additional security tools to keep your Android going.

How useful you find AVG Antivirus Pro? Reach us with comments and your feedback.

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Full review - AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android Security
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Full review - AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android Security
AVG AntiVirus Pro is a professional anti-theft and data-protection software. It helps you keep your device safe and secure from possible malware.
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