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15 Top utility apps for Android you need to know

The days are long gone when phones used to revolve around voice communication. Given the fast pace development of technology, mobile is as powerful as a PC. When combined with the right set of tools, it can be a priceless utility machine. Android devices have gained the most specific acceptance of people and being the dominant platform of mobile, it’s important that you know what utility apps for Android you should be using to make your device functional than ever.

How would you change your Android device from intriguing device to indispensable assistant? We have you secured here with selective 15 best utility apps for Android. These utility apps for Android are among the best functionality-extending utility tools available for Android today.

Put them on your Android phone or tablet, and get ready to watch your utility boost up.

Here’s the list of top 15 FREE utility apps for Android:

    1. OfficeSuite 8

Office Suite 8 free app for Android

OfficeSuite 8 has been a winner in consecutive Android office suite shoot-outs, and now it’s hands-down the best full-featured office suite available for Android users.

OfficeSuite Pro costs $14.99. On payment of another $10, you can access font compatibility add-on. You can also opt for $19.99 a year through an in-app purchase for Premium version, if you’d rather go the subscription course. In spite of costing you decent figure, you get what you pay for.

The program brags an exquisite configuration on both Android smartphone and tablets and is jam-packed with cutting edge desktop-like functionality for docs, spreadsheets, and presentations. It coordinates with cloud storage administrations and offers local PDF-markup commands as well.

Indeed, even with Microsoft’s own particular Office apps available on Android, OfficeSuite 8 remains the most powerful and easy-to-use option the platform offers you.

Install OfficeSuite 8 for FREE

Price: $14.99 for Pro; $19.99 per year for Premium

Developer: MobiSystems

    1. Cabinet BETA

Cabitnet Beta for Android free

One of Android’s most prominent tools for power users is its unlimited file system access – Cabinet BETA. You can view your Android device as you would a PC, exploring through all folders and moving, deleting, or sharing docs as you wish.

A lot of apps can help you do that, however, Cabinet BETA outbeats all for its simple and advanced Material Design-based user interface. Cabinet makes it simple to control folders and docs, compress and unzip archive files, and share files to any service you have on your device – email, cloud storage, social media, etc. Best of all, it’s one of the free utility apps for Android.

Install Cabinet BETA for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: Aidan Follestad

    1. AirDroid

Airdroid free app for Android

When you’re at your workplace, it can be bothersome to keep on holding your smartphone to send messages or see whose call you missed. Why not do everything from your PC?

AirDroid is one of the awesome utility apps for Android makes it possible. Once you’ve installed the app on your phone or tablet, you just visit web.airdroid.com on your PC’s Web browser. From that point, you can read and send texts, view call logs, transfer documents between your device and PC wirelessly, and browse through your device’s storage. With specific devices, AirDroid can even completely reflect your home screen on your desktop and let you control your device totally from your PC.

AirDroid works over both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. The app fall under the category of free utility apps for Android, however, some features require a $20-per-year premium subscription.

Install AirDroid for FREE

Price: Free; $20 every year for Premium

Developer: Sand Studio

    1. Chrome Remote Desktop

free Chrome Desktop app Android
Chrome Remote Desktop

Need full remote access to your PC from your Android phone or tablet? Google’s free Chrome Remote Desktop utility app is all you require. Just install the companion app for the Chrome desktop browser – compatible with any operating system where the browser is supported. Within few minutes, you’ll be syncing with your PC from your device securely.

Once synced, you can use your Android device to open files, manage folders, and run browsers on your desktop system as if you are sitting right before it. You can interface multiple PCs to the administration, as well. All you need to do is simply install and configure the Chrome app on each additional system. It’ll appear as an option in the app.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: Google

    1. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher free utility app for Android

Makers of Android devices have a taste to muddy the OS’s interface with their concepts at visual configuration, yet as a general rule, those changes are a step in the wrong direction. Why not handle that for yourself? The Google Now Launcher – loaded as default on Google’s Nexus devices gives you a perfect and simple “stock” home screen setup that’ll improve your Android experience and make it productive than ever.

Besides removing the conflicting colors and unnecessary clutter that makers add into, the Google Now Launcher puts the effective Google Now service right at your fingertips as a permanent panel at the furthest left side of your home screen. That makes the administration feel more like a local part of the system and allows simple access to valuable contextual data that is customized to your requirements.

Install Google Now Launcher for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: Google

    1. Microsoft Outlook

MS Outlook Android free utility app

Wish you could have the known Outlook email interface on your Android phone or tablet? Up to this point, bad luck – however, no more now.

Microsoft officially released its Outlook app for Android prior this year. The free app works with Microsoft Exchange accounts, as you’d expect. It also supports Office 365 and Outlook.com. It is also compatible with third-party services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud. Microsoft Outlook has integrated Outlook calendar support also, including a smart native scheduling feature inside.

If you are already immersed in Microsoft’s reality, the Outlook app for Android might be the missing piece you’ve been waiting long for.

Install Microsoft Outlook for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: Microsoft

    1. Today Calendar

Today Calendar utility app Android for free

Despite how you deal with your appointments, having the capacity to see them on your home screen goes a long way. The native Android Calendar widgets come up short, yet fear not: you get many awesome options.

One of the best and most versatile alternatives has a place with Today Calendar, a first-class calendar app that works flawlessly with the Google Calendar service. The app is available both – in a free ad-supported version and a $6 Pro version which incorporates a productive scrollable agenda widget and a different month-view widget as well. Both widgets are absolutely customizable. You can make them look precisely how you like.

Today’s full app interface is additionally a useful stride over the default calendar apps available on many devices as far as both functionality and design are concerned. You don’t have to use the app to get the widget. Today Calendar is really one of the must have utility apps for Android.

Install Today Calendar for FREE

Price: Free; $6 for Pro

Developer: Underwood Apps

    1. Google Keep

Free utility app Google Keep

Need a basic approach to monitor your thoughts, lists, and tasks? Well, who doesn’t!

Google’s Keep Android utility app gives you a dead-basic interface for recording, managing, and sharing all the easily overlooked details in your life.

Keep lets you to make notes or leave you updates by voice. It also translates naturally into text. You can snap photographs to add with notes, as well, and even search later to find any text visible in those pictures.

Keep has a collection of other valuable fancy odds and ends, including a checklist option, the capacity to tag and color code things. You can then sort by the variables for simple access. It also allows you to set location-based updates for particular notes or lists. The app additionally makes it possible to share notes or tasks, and then work together on them with others progressively.

Maybe most vital, Keep supports all platform – and all that you do is constantly synchronized over all of your devices.

Install Google Keep for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: Google

    1. Evernote

Evernote free App for Android

For serious note-taking users, Evernote is a powerful app to beat. It is among the top-rated utility apps for Android that lets you make multiple notebooks into which you can save your notes in text format, complex lists, pictures, and voice reminders. You can even send text into an Evernote notebook by messaging it to a specific email address linked with your account.

Evernote keeps your stuff synced with its own cloud-based administration. It’s available on the Web and on most of the platforms; so that setup tends to prove functional enough.

Evernote is free, however, certain capacities – including offline access, more transfer allotments, and advanced searches require a $25-or $50-per-year premium subscription.

Install Evernote for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: Evernote

    1. Expensify

Expensify for Androi for free

As any street warrior knows, monitoring Prices can be a tedious task. Expensify can facilitate the burden. The app gives a simple-to-follow interface for tracking time, miles, invoices, and receipts on the go, then creating on-demand reports as required.

Expensify is one of such utility apps for Android that enables you to scan receipts as soon as you receive them. Afterwards, it pulls out the main info from images and add it into your records. Expensify can also tap into your phone’s GPS to log miles as you drive. It offers offline utility for the times when you can’t get a signal.

Expensify is free, however, if you opt for premium plans you can access additional features.

Install Expensify for FREE

Price: Free; premium plans starts at $5

Developer: Expensify

    1. TripIt

TripIt free utility app for Android

Here’s the new companion for travelers. TripIt takes all the hard work out of travel, giving you a simple all-in-one place to store and track down all your travel info.

As soon as you sign up to TripIt, whatever you do is forward every travel-related email – flight reservations, hotel bookings, even auto rental or restaurant affirmations – to plans@tripit.com. TripIt then imports the essential details and places them into simple and easy-to-understand agendas that are accessible via any phone or tablet.

You can even access it from the Web. It can likewise sync the info into your Google Calendar automatically, if you need.

TripIt is free; with an optional in-app purchase of $50-per-year, you can access Pro subscription. It will offer you multiple premium features, including ongoing flight alerts, and a virtual assistant for searching alternate flights along the way.

Install TripIt for FREE

Price: Free; $50 a year for Pro version

Developer: MobiSystems

    1. Google Translate

Google Translate free Android app

Traveling to another country? Google Translate is the sidekick you require. Google Translate is one of the best ever utility apps for Android that makes it simple to translate text from one language to some other language you want to know the meaning about, in ways that really make sense.

Of course, you can type in a phrase in your native language and have Translate it into another one. However, you can likewise take a preview of a sign, menu, or doc with your Android phone and have Translate interpret the content.

You can also speak in your phone in one language and let Translate talk back in another. In addition to it, you can do it offline as well, only if you download the essential language packs in advance.

Install Google Translate for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: Google

    1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey keyboard free app for Android

Contingent upon your device, your default keyboard might be the one you can tolerate; however, in possible every way SwiftKey is better.

SwiftKey comes free with optional in-app purchases for additional features. It gives exceptional next-word prediction feature that is customized in view of your typing habits. The app additionally has a phenomenal swipe-to-type option that gives you a chance to input text by sliding your finger starting with one letter then onto the next without lifting.

All said, SwiftKey is an outstanding keyboard that can help you boost the productivity and change your phone or tablet-typing experience.

Install SwiftKey for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: SwiftKey

    1. Link Bubble

Link Bubble Android free utility app

Let’s be honest: Opening links from your phone isn’t likely the best experience. At whatever time you tap a link inside an app – a news-viewing tool, or a social media browser…for example. You need to stop what you’re doing and sit tight for the page to take over your display and then load.

Link Bubble conveys a much required advance update to the same process. The app -opens most of your links in a gliding and mobile bubble that sits in side of your screen. You can continue doing whatever you’re already and continue to open links as you see them.

At whatever point you want to read the content you’ve opened, just tap the bubble and the pages show up in an overlay window on your screen. With another tap or swipe, you can move between them, share them to another app or administration, or compress them down for viewing later.

It does make so much sense; you’ll be surprised how you ever lived without it.

Install Link Bubble for FREE

Price: Free

Developer: Link Bubble

    1. Tasker

Tasker free utility app for Android

Last among the best Android utility apps is maybe the most effective and versatile than all. It’s called Tasker, and it’s every Android power-user’s fantasy.

So, Tasker – which costs $2.99, lets you make intelligent automation on your Android device. You could have your device connect automatically with a specific Wi-Fi system or Bluetooth device at whatever point you’re in a particular location. You can also change its ring conduct and volume settings in view of location, time of day, or at calendar events occurring at the moment.

Tasker isn’t for the slow users so if you need something less complex, however, less versatile, the more easy to use and free Agent may be the app for you. Note that if you’re up for a little geeky tinkering, Tasker will open your Android device up to unlimited range of new and wonderful possibilities.

Install Tasker for FREE

Price: $2.99

Developer: Crafty Apps EU

So these are the best free utility apps to help you boost your Android’s utility and have the best of your device’s productivity. Let us know your feedback and how’d you like the apps in comments section below.

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15 Top FREE utility apps for Android to boost your productivity
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15 Top FREE utility apps for Android to boost your productivity
If you have been using your Android device with no interesting add-ons, here we present the collection of best 15 utility apps for Android device.
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