Siri tips and tricks
10 Siri tips and tricks for every iPhone user

Siri has been an integral part of your daily routine, no matter how small or what. She has been helping you with your menial tasks and in finding solutions to your queries. Okay we understand that you have now got used to Siri for your tasks every now and then, but are you sure you’re making the most of it? A couple of Siri tips and tricks would help you make better use of the tool.

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, comes with multiple features; some might be out of your knowledge.

Here’re 10 Siri tips and tricks to try your hands on with the smart agent inside your iPhone

Remember this later Siri feature

What’s first in the list of Siri tips and tricks? Of course its reminder. At times you suffer the situation where you are browsing the web and then you come across some interesting or important webpage you wish to visit again later. It can be anything; you might want to remember some eatery you can’t check out right now. Starting with the version iOS 9 or later, Siri understands context.

You just need to call the virtual assistant at your service and tell her to remind you about “this” i.e. the task to be done at a specific later time or date. Doing so, Siri will add it as an item in your reminder list. She will also record complete details with a link to the page you wish to visit later or the item you were looking at.

  1. Learn to Pronounce Names

Learn to Pronounce a name in Siri

Bothered by Siri mispronouncing your name all the time, or of some of your friends or your family members? You don’t have to hate it for that as you can easily fix it. Simply tell Siri to “learn to pronounce ___ name”. The virtual assistant will ask you to speak both – first names of the person and then the last names. For every word, Siri will repeat several different pronunciations for you to select the right one from.

  1. Use the spellcheck

Spellcheck Siri feature

It confuses almost everyone sometime in their life about what an unfamiliar word exactly spells like. For example, a simple licentious seems to be confusing with a possible c, an s, or a t in the word. Sad for people who couldn’t have something like Siri at the time when needed in school tests. Now on iOS 9, Siri can spell any word you ask to it. The search comes all the way from a simple rat to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Autocorrect and Spellcheck comes handy when you don’t have Siri, but it’s so interesting and useful to work with Siri, when all you know is just how to pronounce a word.

  1. Convert within seconds

Conversion feature of Siri

From kilograms into litres, ounces into litres, inches to mm, Celsius into Fahrenheit, or pounds into kilograms, you can need any of the measurement units into some other unit. Obliviously on can’t remember all this stuff and piles of conversion factors. Luckily, Siri can remember and store all for you. You can just ask Siri for how many cups in a quart, and the virtual assistant will remind you 4.

Conversion properties of Siri are not confined till measurement units only. The virtual assistant can also help you convert your money or expenses in foreign currency. She will help you when travelling abroad like how much exactly it cost that you bought in U.S dollars. Siri does currency conversions within seconds.

  1. Find Photos

Find Photos Siri

With iOS 9, Siri is capable of knowing much more about your photos than ever before. It may not take your interest when it comes to picking up the exact photo you were thinking about, BUT… Siri searches can help you modify and simplify your photo searches. Just tell Siri to display all the photos taken in April, or photos taken in Brisbane, or, better yet, the photos taken in Brisbane in April.

Siri will explore through the Photos app and display all the pictures matching your request. Same can be done for videos, panoramas, and selfies as well.

  1. Define relationships

Assign relationship in Siri

John Smith is my doctor!

You can make more out of Siri with its ability to remember what you say. The virtual assistant comes handy when it becomes a kind of record of you and people in your life. It’s quite easy to do this in Siri. Open up Siri and speak what relationship with whom you wish to define. For example, say Kevin is my brother or Lina is my fiancé. Once assigned, now the next time you tell Siri to send a message or ping your brother or fiancé, she will recognize automatically who exactly you mean.

Though you define relationships with someone in Siri, it can’t be called precisely defined relationships, as once can say anything like XYZ is my boss, or so-and-so is criminal, or anything else like that…Siri won’t even bat an eye in revert.

  1. Identify a song

Find a tune Siri

All of you have been out somewhere tapping your foot on the floor along with some catchy song that you haven’t heard before. However, Siri saves you the time and effort here. The virtual assistant is a player in the game of Name that tune. Simply ask Siri who plays or sings “xyz” song and then hold your device up to the speaker. She will listen it well and then with some in-built advanced tech from song identifier Shazam, will give you the details of the song. She will, of course, complete the option with a “buy the song on iTunes Store” alert. This Siri tips and tricks

  1. Explore Settings

Siri Settings

Looking out for useful things in iOS’s Settings app can be a tedious task. Even if you add up the iOS 9’s latest search feature, you will still find yourself surrounded by confusions and lost in the different options. Siri can help you here by taking a look at the items hidden inside Settings.

She can even turn a few of them on/off at your call. For instance, you can tell Siri to turn Bluetooth on or off. She will do it at the moment. Ask Siri to open hotspot settings or about device, she will do that as well.

  1. Rectify a misheard query

Correct a misheard query in Siri

Another in the list of Siri tips and tricks is the inability to understand your query. Many times Siri ends up misunderstanding our queries, hearing us asking about “Instead of”. Fret not, Siri lets you rectify with a couple of taps. Just tap on the query you assigned to Siri, a keyboard will appear to correct any possible mistakes. Once you have corrected the misheard query, you can reissue the request.

Obviously you can ask Siri for things a second time, just in case you wish to ensure she won’t mishear you again, or that Siri fails to understand you frequently, typing might be the perfect solution to get your query answered.

  1. Pick a card or roll a die

Random element feature in Siri

Last among 10 Siri tips and tricks is the random element. You might just want to do something with random decision sometimes. Siri can help bring the element of randomness to your life. Just tell Siri to pick a card, roll a die, and flip a coin, the intelligent virtual assistant will serve you with random results. What’s better? Role-playing game freaks can enjoy the extra topping.

Siri can roll more than an average six-sided dice; you can actually play with an eight-sided die or a D20! Tell her to do so and she will…oblige.

You can also make use of Siri’s classic magic eight-ball built in. Say “eight-ball”, and then your query. Siri will offer you a possible handy piece of wisdom, though nothing is guaranteed.

We hope our collection of top ten Siri tips and tricks come handy to you and help you improve your experience with the virtual assistant better than ever.

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10 Siri tips and tricks for iPhone users
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10 Siri tips and tricks for iPhone users
You have been using Siri until now, but this guide on Siri tips and tricks will help you explore additional features of this virtual assistant for iPhone.
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