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Add these 25 best Google Chrome Extensions now

Google Chrome is the most-utilized Web browser around the world, as indicated by Stat Counter. To some degree, credit should be given to its quick performance, a perfect interface and simple synchronization capabilities with mobile. In addition to it, the browser likewise profits by a lot of valuable extensions accessible on the Chrome Web Store. You can add to your productivity with suitable Google Chrome extensions.

Extensions can back off your browser with slow speed, so ensure you stick to what you think will be actually valuable. But which Google Chrome extensions would it be advisable for you to make your Chrome browser function like never before?

Here is a collection of 25 best Google Chrome extensions you should add right now right away:

    1. Taco

Taco is a professional utility chrome extension to manage your tasks ans notifications.

Taco Google Chrome extension

Taco transforms Chrome’s New Tab Page into a profitability center. It’s one of the top Google Chrome extensions that pulls your approaching tasks and notifications from more than 40 Web tools and services. Taco works with a wide array of services, for example, Trello, Asana, Google Tasks, Todoist, webmail, and iCloud.

Chrome users can simple drag and drop to customize the tasks list, mark tasks as done, and in addition can hide notifications you want as well. It’s an incredible approach to see all that you have to do in one helpful page. Taco is one of the must-have Google Chrome extensions; add it now to explore more options with your browser.

Install Taco on Google Chrome.

    1. Momentum

Momentum is a basic google chrome extension to turn your web page into dashboard-like interface.

Momentum chrome extension

If you want something that is somewhat lighter than the extreme to-do usefulness of Taco, look for Momentum. This one of the best Google Chrome extensions transforms the New Tab Page into your own customized dashboard. Fire up that page and Momentum conveys a customized greeting, an inspirational quote for the day, a to-do widget, climate report, and a zippy link widget to save your favorite sites.

Install Momentum for Google Chrome.

    1. chrome extension lets you organize your tasks and to-do-lists across different platforms. extension for Chrome is one of the most loved cross-platform schedule applications, and the Chrome add-on lets you flawlessly match up your tasks and checklists to and from your devices and your desktop. Users can make new tasks lists and updates, effortlessly compose with a drag and drop interface. It includes notes and you can share tasks as well. That’s just the beginning, you can share stuff all from your browser and synchronized over all of your devices as well.

Install for Google Chrome from Chrome Store.

    1. Strict Workflow

Keep a check on time you pay to social media sites and other distractions with Strict Workflow.

StrictFlow Chrome extension

You might not realize but viral media sites, social networks and other online time killers can just eat through time that you could spend on something meaningful. Strict Workflow is a productivity application that takes motivation from the mainstream Pomodoro strategy. It sets up a 25 minute countdown amid which the extension consequently blocks familiar time sinks, for example, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Once the timer is done, you get a 5 minute break with unlimited access, after which the cycle repeats once more. When you begin the countdown, there’s no real way to stop it. You can change the blacklist or whitelist, and configure the time duration and other things in the settings.

Install Strict Workflow for Google Chrome.

    1. Noisli

Noisli is a google chrome extension that lessens the noise and maintain concentration on your task.

Noisli extension

Some of the times, the privilege surrounding noise can help you calm down or advance focus and mental clarity. Noisli is a site where you can play preset cocktails of relieving ambient sounds. You can even make your own, and the Noisli add-on for Chrome transforms it into an implicit element of your browser.

Users can spare their most loved ambient mixes on Noisli, and after that rapidly fire them up in the add-on. The extension incorporates a timer and volume control.

Install Noisli for Google Chrome.

    1. OneTab

Compress all open tabs into one with OneTab extension for Google Chrome.

best Google Chrome extensions

OneTab instantly compresses the greater part of your open tabs into a single tab page. It comprises of links to the majority of the Web pages you had open, letting you to quickly flush most of the tabs from your browser. Despite so, it allows you to go back to them for simple reference directly after.

Users can then restore tabs each one in turn, or at the same time. You can likewise effortlessly send out their tabs into a rundown of URLs or a Web page for simple sharing.

Install OneTab from Chrome Store.

    1. MightyText

MightyText lets you work with messaging and notifications across your PC and mobile.

MightyText extension for chrome

MightyText brings your Android smartphone and PC close together. It lets you sync your SMS messages and notifications from your phone to your desktop. Users can send and get SMS and MMS messages from their desktop, sync pictures and videos, and get low battery alerts for your smartphone. You would be required to install the MightyText application on both – your smartphone, and on Chrome.

Install MightyText extension for Chrome.

    1. Boomerang

Boomerang lets you schedule messages and other features added to what gmail offers.

Boomerang extension for Google Chrome

Boomerang is an incredible extension to Gmail’s fundamental capacities. This one of the best Google Chrome extensions lets you schedule message sending, set up repeating email messages, and put off messages by pushing an email out of your inbox, to return at a predefined time. Free users can plan up to 10 messages a month, while those who have subscribed enjoy unlimited message credits and an assortment of premium features.

Install Boomerang extension for Google Chrome

    1. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender improves your PC’s performance by closing down open tabs which have not been used recently.

Extension for Google Chrome

Tabs with some restraint can act as a productivity catalyst; however, keeping excessively numerous of them open rapidly prompts a massive drain in your PC’s memory assets. The Great Suspender comes as a savior by observing your open tabs and consequently (or manually) emptying tabs that haven’t been utilized in a while from memory, while holding the tab’s title and favicon on your tab bar. Users can then quickly reload the tab by tapping on the screen.

Install The Great Suspender from Chrome Store.

    1. Cite This For Me: Web Citer

Cite This For Me is a web citer that helps you with site citations for different popular citation styles.

Cite This For Me google chrome extension

Ascribing online articles and research properly can be a torment for understudies and writers. Cite This For Me saves you here with a browser extension that permits you to instantly make a well-organized site citation for the APA, Chicago, MLA, and Harvard citation styles. You can easily save or copy to the clipboard for use in your docs or reports.

Install Cite This For Me from Chrome Store.

    1. ColorZilla

Colorzilla for chrome

If you do a great deal of graphic design work with sites, you realize that getting the colors simply right can represent the moment of truth a whole project. ColorZilla is a convenient tool that effortlessly permits users to make accurate color matches utilizing an eyedropper tool that can yield RGB and Pantone codes.

ColorZilla likewise accompanies an angle generator, palette viewer, a Web page color analyzer for instantly coming up with a website’s palette, the capacity to take colors from Flash articles, and other supportive features.

    1. TabCloud

TabCloud chrome extension

TabCloud permits tabbed searching addicts to effortlessly save and import their open tabs crosswise over desktops. Users can save the majority of their open tabs to the cloud. You can afterwards open a few or the greater part of their saved tabs on another desktop machine whenever it might suit them. Users can see their saved windows, specifically open tabs from specific windows or even drag and drop tabs starting with one saved window then onto the next.

    1. Turn Off The Lights

Turn Off The Lights Google Chrome extension

Turn Off The Lights serves you with atmospheric lighting to your online video viewing on Chrome. At its core, you can set Turn Off The Lights to dim your window background light automatically when utilizing YouTube or other video sites. On the off chance that you need to get more inside and out, you can tweak the add-on to set custom colors to your screen while playing videos, set atmospheric lighting, blur effects and turn on a night mode for an experience that is much more the same as a home theater than an average video site.

    1. VideoStream


VideoStream is one of the handy Google Chrome extensions that permit you to stream videos from your PC straight to your Chromecast or Android TV without messing around with media server software. VideoStream underpins subtitles and a wide assortment of video formats at full 1080p resolutions.

It’s a shockingly proficient video player for a browser extension. Users of premium subscription can set up playlists and other premium features. Mobile remote applications give playback controls and library route, permitting you to step far from your HTPC or tablet and settle in for a long peaceful night of viewing.

    1. The Camelizer

The Camelizer extension for chrome

Online shoppers might like to look at The Camelizer, a subtle Chrome add-on that includes product price history data for things showed in Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg. In addition to viewing pricing patterns for any given product, users can likewise sign up for price drop notifications by means of email and/or Twitter.

    1. Synata

Synata for Google Chrome

Synata helps you understand your distributed cloud accounts by serving as a single synaptic search tool for sorting through your documents and reports. Just create a Synata account, sync your Dropbox account, Box or Google Drive accounts, and after that use the Synata Google Chrome extension to quickly search for documents, files, pictures and different stuff. Apart from it, the service mentioned above, the Synata team is trying hard to expand the list of cloud administrations they offer support to. The names in the to-be list, includes Evernote, Office 365, SharePoint and many more.

    1. Disconnect

Disconnect for Google Chrome

Disconnect is a capable browser add-on for Google Chrome that permits users to see ads, analytics, and social media tracking cookies. It serves you with the option of disabling them globally or specifically. The extension accompanies a varied set of features, including the capacity to make whitelists and blacklists of allowed trackers. It also offers a visualization tool that lists the trackers on a specific site and an indicator of the amount of time and bandwidth is saved by blocking trackers and different features.

    1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus extension for chrome

AdBlock Plus (ABP) is among the most famous adblockers on the web. ABP highlights a speedy setup, loading preset filter lists that permit users to instantly block most of the irritating ads. In addition to it, the extension offers an option to filter malware and social media buttons.

Smart users can pick extra block lists, and also set custom filters or whitelists. AdBlock Plus allows what it calls “non-intrusive advertising” through filters, which may annoy a few users, however, this can be changed in settings. Know that numerous ad blockers don’t obstruct all ads, and that most sites – rely upon those ads to pay the bills. So block sites only for genuine discomfort and such reasons.

    1. Honey

Honey extension for chrome

Tired of finding and saving coupon codes and special discounts? At that point Honey may very well be one of the best Google Chrome extensions for you. Honey consequently finds and tests coupon codes for more than 100 online stores in the US, Canada and the UK.

Just go about your shopping as ordinary, and on checkout, hit the Find Savings button with a specific end goal to have Honey track down and try to apply coupon codes. Substantial online customers will end up saving both time and cash with this valuable add-on.

    1. StayFocused

StayFocused Google Chrome extension

StayFocusd is no less than a boon for users who squander their time as opposed to working. Users can set themselves a time allowance for specific sites and timewasters, for example, social networks, feed readers, or TVTropes, and once you’ve hit that farthest point, StayFocusd blocks access.

This is surely one of the most useful Google Chrome extensions and is exceedingly configurable, permitting you to block access to a specific blocklist, limit access to everything aside from an approved list or even block access to all sites.

    1. Feedly

Feedly for chrome

Feedly comes as a perfect alternative to Google Reader with all the qualities of a professional online RSS reader. It comes with many features and customizations. You can opt for traditional style listing of the content you choose to receive. Feedly supports cross-device synchronization so you can access it over desktop, mobile, Android, and iOS apps.

    1. Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom extension for Chrome

Hover Zoom is a handy extension that zoom picture you hover over. You can easily navigate through photo galleries by just scrolling over a thumbnail to view full photo. No more need to work with image tabs or load new pages. Large size images fits to your screen automatically.

    1. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is one of the Google Chrome extensions and available for Firefox as well. The extension comes as an outcome of collaboration between the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. HTTPS Everywhere lets you encrypt your entire online browsing and chats. It rewrites HTTP link requests to HTTPs within a whitelist of sites supporting HTTP.

    1. Pocket

Pocket extension for Chrome

Save your articles, web pages, pictures, and videos for your reading or viewing pleasure with Pocket. The extension syncs everything across numerous devices, including smartphone and tablet. You can also look for the new Pocket Chrome App to view saved content on your desktop.

    1. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary for Google Chrome

Find meaning of all confusing to difficult words with the help of Google Dictionary. Install the Google Dictionary extension, double-click on a word on a Web Page, and find the definition at the moment n pop-ups. Such pop-ups can also translate foreign language into your default language or suggest links to more detailed definitions from sources, such as Wikipedia.

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25 best Google Chrome Extensions for a pleasant internet experience
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25 best Google Chrome Extensions for a pleasant internet experience
We present you the list of top 25 Google Chrome Extensions you should add now. The list includes everything from feedly, Pocket, to Google Translate.
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