Save Browsing History in Chrome’s Incognito
Save Browsing History in Chrome’s Incognito

Google Chrome is certainly the most used browser in the world and a specific reason for this can be its Incognito mode. If you don’t want Chrome to save a record of what you download or visit then Chrome’s Incognito mode is the best solution that lets you surf the web secretly.

But sometimes you need browsing history of Chrome’s private mode for temporary timespan in order to navigate back to the pages you recently visited. For that, Chrome offers an extension namely ‘Off the Record History’ that helps you keep the browsing history of your current Incognito session. Once you close the Chrome incognito window, all that browsing history is deleted automatically.

To install the extension, simply navigate to the Chrome’s extension page and search for Off The Record Extension in the search bar.

Off The Record History

This step will prompt your screen with Off The Record Extension window.


Now click Add to Chrome. A confirmation popup will appear, now click Add extension.

Add extension

After installation, a message will prompt with brief instructions on how to use Off The Record History extension. If you want to explore more of it then move ahead, otherwise just click the X button to close it.

Off The Record History

Now to allow the extension to save your browsing history in an Incognito window, turn its settings on by entering chrome://extensions in the address bar and click Enter.

Or you can also click on Hamburger menu placed in the top right of your screen then click More tools > Extensions > Off The Record and then check the box Allow in incognito.

Allow in Incognito

Now open New Incognito window by selecting it from the Chrome’s main menu in the top-right. You can also use the Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcut to open a new Incognito window.

 New Incognito window














Now surf the web as you normally do in Chrome’s private window. To check all your browsing history, simply click the Off The Record History icon resting at the top right of your browser’s toolbar.

Off The Record History icon

A dialog box will appear displaying two tabs namely Recently closed and Full history.

Off The Record History

To check the tabs to recently closed during the session click Recently Closed button. From here you can click ant of the displayed link to reopen those webpages. While the Full History tab will display all the webpages history you visited during the current browsing session.

Off The Record full history

If you don’t want anyone to look at your browsing history simply erase it by clicking the Trash icon on the upper-right of the extension’s dialog box.

Off The Record Trash Icon

This will delete all browsing history records, no matter which tab is open when you hit the Trash icon.

Off The Record History

Now, when you click on either tab, it’ll show the same message No record found.  The moment you sign out of the incognito window, all the browsing history will automatically be deleted from the Off The Record History extension.

 Key features of Off The Record History Extension

  • It offers complete private browsing history
  • Assists with a list of recently closed tabs
  • Self-deletes history on browser close
  • You can also delete browsing history manually

 Incognito Mode is now available in all Chrome variants, including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

How to temporarily save browsing history in Chrome’s Incognito mode
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How to temporarily save browsing history in Chrome’s Incognito mode
Chrome is most-liked browser and a specific reason for this can be its Incognito mode.Here's how to save browsing history in Chrome’s Incognito mode.
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