Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) is a PC cleanup suite. The tool combines a number of small utility programs that allow you to increase your PC speed and fix frequent errors and crashes.

The product is well-received by a number of software-rating authorities like cnet, tamindir and softonic.


Yet Another Cleaner, or better known by its acronym YAC is a pc optimizing tool. It lets you control a number of small utility programs that might help you increase your PC speed and boost its performance.

YAC features a cleanup utility, an anti-malware program, a complete uninstaller utility, and an ad block. All of the before mentioned utilities are design to best serve their respective purpose, so as to make you PC faster and stable than ever.

YAC’s intelligent optimization lets you improve your system’s overall performance as well as fix a number of errors and crashes. Its anti-spyware detector is capable of detecting spyware in real time while protecting you from Web-based threats.

The pc optimization tool also offers a single-click ad-block option that lets you block unwanted annoying ads such as banner and popup ads with just a click.




1. Anti-Malware Utility

– YAC features a small yet powerful malware detector and remover. The small program is also capable of hunting down and eliminating hidden adware. It can even help you to remove stubborn malware that is difficult to remove even for full-blown anti-malware programs.

2. Complete uninstallation with YAC Uninstaller

– Normal uninstalling may not be able to remove all the files and programs associated with an application. This may cause the problem of leftovers, which in turn might lead to severe system errors and crashes. YAC’s Uninstaller provides a better solution to the problem and makes the uninstallation process complete and fast. No leftovers, no problems.

3. Intelligent optimization

– YAC uses an intelligent optimization technique which allows your system to work with optimal optimization settings.

4. Protection from Spyware

– YAC not only protects your online privacy but it also helps you to stay away from harmful spyware, in real time. YAC 24×7 protects your system against malicious modifications in your homepage, browser and search engine.

5. AD Block

– YAC’s inbuilt AD blocker provides you a clean Web surfing experience without the annoyance of advertisements. The tool lets you block undesired banner/popup ads with just a single click.


OS – Windows XP/7/8/10

Processor – N/A


Storage – Less than 50 MB

In a Nutshell

Developer – Elex do Brasil Technology

Latest Version – 6.7.141

Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) review: small and fast
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Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) review: small and fast
Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) is a pc cleanup suite. The software features a junk remover, registry cleaner, ad blocker, uninstaller, anti-malware utility, etc.
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