save battery life on Android device
How to save battery life on Android devicesave battery life on Android device

There are a tremendous number of Android smartphones available in the market but unfortunately, none of them offers an endless battery life.  While every newcomer smartphone offers an improved battery, it can still sometimes ditch you with low battery especially when you need it.

Here’s how to save battery life on Android and make your Android last longer.

1. Check the cause

Simply go to Settings > Battery to check what has been chewing up your smartphone’s battery. Following the process, your device will display all the applications and features in a descending order of battery hogs.

If there is any app or feature that you barely/never use then simply uninstall or turn off that cause.

2. Turn the screen brightness down

This is another worth mentioning tip to save battery life on Android. Android devices display is the biggest sewer of battery. So, turn it down to as low as possible.

To do so, go to Settings > Sound & Display > Brightness and move the slider to left. This can certainly add hours of life to your Android’s battery.

3. Use black background

If your Android has an AMOLED screen then make use of a black background. This can save your battery as AMOLED screens only light up the colored pixels. Black pixels are dark and need less power to illuminate.

4. Don’t forget to reduce screen timeout

Another useful tip to save Android battery is – set shortest screen timeout. The shorter period you will choose the less power your phone display will use.

To do so: Go to Settings > Sound & Display > Screen Timeout and then select the desired period of inactivity.

5. Stop unnecessary apps running in the background

Go to Settings > Apps and swipe to the left. You phone will display a list of all the apps that are running at that time. Turn the unnecessary apps off by tapping on them.

6. Don’t get bogged down with 24×7 connectivity

If you are not, all the time, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and the Mobile data then it’s better to turn them off. Don’t let them drain your device’s battery, especially if you know when exactly you’ll call for one or the other.

7. Turn off vibrations

To some people it sounds odd, but activating your phone to the vibration mode for calls and messages is a big drain on the battery. It’s always better to have you phone at ring or in silent mode because the little device that generate vibrations inside your phone consumes lots of power every time you activate it.

8. Use battery saving mode

This tip will help you save battery on your Android. Most of the phones preloaded with a special mode that can be turned ON to extend the battery life.  There is no need to enable this mode all the time, instead you can use it when your phone’s power level is dropping low and you need it seriously.

9. Dump widgets

Dump widgets you don’t need. Widgets quietly lying on your homescreen don’t mean that they are not using power of your device. Just use the apps when you need them.

10. Disable animations

Though this power-saving tip is somewhat tricky, it drastically helps you save your Android phone battery. So if you are self-assured to use developer settings then navigate to the Settings and tap on the gear icon available on the Home Screen.

  • Now go to Navigation panel of your device and head to the Settings screen
  • Find and tap About phone > activate Developer Option
  • To active Developer Options simply tap the Build number available on your device’s screen around 7 times
  • Now access Developer options and press the Back button to go back to the Settings menu
  • Again tap Developer options and disable animation
  • To disable animation, find Windows animation scale, Animation duration scale and Transition animation scale by scrolling down and turn all these 3 off
  • Restart your device and feel the change in battery life

All these tips will surely help you save your Android battery life. If you have any other battery-saving tip in your arsenal then feel free to share with us.

How to save battery life on Android device
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How to save battery life on Android device
It is quite impossible to have an endless battery life on Android, but it is possible to make it last longer. Know how to save battery life on Android.
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