Mozilla Firefox review: the open Web browser
Mozilla Firefox review: the open Web browser

Introduction to Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is best known among millions of users for its unmatched speed and privacy. Promoted with support for a free and open Internet, the software is available under the Creative Commons License. Firefox is considered one of the first browsers to advocate for online privacy.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Every Internet geek is familiar Mozilla Firefox, as it is one of the leading Web browsers used and trusted by millions of users all across the globe. The Web browser is available in a number of languages including Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, etc.

The most important aspect of Firefox is its continuously growing community, which spans all over the planet. Being an MPL-licensed software, the Web browser has an active development team which continuously works to further enhance the usability and functionality of the popular Web browser.

Firefox is a multi-platform browser, thus it is available for almost all popular operating systems. It offers a sync option that lets it automatically sync across multiple devices. This means you can start your Web session on your desktop and continue it on your tablet (or smartphone), and vice-versa.

Mozilla Firefox



1. High-speed performance

– Firefox is best known for its speed. The Web browser employs special data-reducing algorithms that minimizes the data it receives from Websites, and hence give it much more speed

2. Do Not Track feature

– Mozilla Firefox lets you set a preference for Websites you visit, that whether they might get your location info or not. Tracking your location is required for a number of purposes including the behavorial advertising. When you enable the Do Not Track feature, Firefox cuts your location info from Websites that might track your location

3. Firefox Interest Dashboard

– Firefox Interest Dashbaord comes in handy when you’re totally clueless where to head on the Web. It also stores your last browsing session, which you can continue the next time you launch Firefox

4. Loads of cool customization features

– With its giant add-ons inventory, Mozilla Firefox lets you create your own personalized version of the Web browser. You can try different themes or enhance Firefox’s functionality using plugins

And…’s free and continuously in development – Firefox is 100% free. With an active community of developers, Mozilla is continuously trying to give a touch-up to the user experience on the Web browser.

Free Download Firefox here


OS – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Processor – N/A


Storage – Less than 50 MB

Firwfox in a Nutshell

Developer – Mozilla

Latest version – 46.0.1

To free download web browsers click here.

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Mozilla Firefox review: the open Web browser
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Mozilla Firefox review: the open Web browser
Mozilla Firefox is one of the world-leading Web browser. The software is notable for its browsing speed, privacy features and customization options.
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