Microsoft Word Flow funnifies iPhone typing again
Microsoft Word Flow funnifies iPhone typing again

Microsoft Word Flow is a software keyboard for iPhone. The alternative keyboard offers a useful one-handed mode and support for swipe typing as well. For a company like Microsoft, which depends largely on outsider hardware manufacturers, it’s sure about its plans regarding a keyboard.

Take for example Sculpt’s casual and ergonomic design or the classy and creative Type Cover, you will find a couple of the finest keyboards under the tag of Windows logos, and not some looped squares.

Given so, many iMac users seems more than happy swapping Apple’s for one of the Microsoft’s new addition. After the release of Microsoft’s Windows Phone keyboard for iOS, many iPhone users are expected to let go off Apple’s keyboard, as well.

Microsoft Word Flow comes with advanced idea of mobile typing with advantages of the dynamism and flexibility of the software keyboard. Word Flow actually merges Microsoft’s hardware expertise with virtual space. It thus, comes out as the first keyboard that’s on and on, entertaining to use.

Word Flow seems unique, yet doesn’t pack anything too different. Unlike Apple’s keyboard, letters in Word Flow aren’t boxed. Instead, it seems similar to an expected placement for emoji and other special characters, with the trio of the word choice that changes as you type.

Microsoft’s prediction and auto-correct suggestions are almost as good as Apple’s, yet the no way to hide the bar takes some of the available space. You will find an interesting animation where the keyboard keys will light, once you tap on it. Yet, the majority will opt for Word Flow’s main swipe system.

It’s not easy to find a non-swipe keyboard that offers gesture typing as well. Microsoft seems to own it with its smart system in Word Flow that identifies double letters, proper names, and even compound words. Swipe typing is just the tip of an iceberg when you talk about speeding up your typing in Word Flow.

Just pull down on any of the small arcs at the top corners. It will then turn into the suitable one-handed mode. Doing so will bring forth a unique curved set of keys tailor-made to simply typing on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus like iPhone SE.

Microsoft seems to have worked hard on Word Flow compact mode not only to condense the keys, but also reorder them in a smart fanned pattern to make it the first virtually ergonomic keyboard.

One thing that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S users will appreciate is the ability to thumb type…again. For users with smaller screen sizes, the benefits of Word Flow’s one-handed mode are to be cherished.

You can customize the keyboard with any of the multiple colorful themes available, or you can simply set a photo of your choice. For majority, auto-detecting dark/light mode will suffice. In addition to it, Microsoft has really designed Word Flow intelligently.

Microsoft Word Flow funnifies iPhone typing again
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Microsoft Word Flow funnifies iPhone typing again
Microsoft Word Flow keyboard app was earlier available for Android. Now, the app is also available for iOS and it brings back the use of thumb for typing.
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