Google Maps Driving Mode is a must in-car AI
Google Maps Driving Mode is a must in-car AI

You have been dependent on Google Maps to get detailed turn-by-turn directions till you reach your destination. Apart from taking directions from the Google Maps, there’s something hidden within the app – Driving Mode, just for…driving.

The Driving Mode feature alerts you regarding traffic problems and gives directions of the nearest gas pumps and stores. The feature also comes handy for times when you know your route but with no particular destination in your mind.

Google launched Driving Mode in the beginning of this year for Android; still most of the users are unable to find it. If you want to explore the feature, just go to Google Maps, select Start driving from the app menu or use the 1×1 widget under Maps option.

Your screen will be filled up with your current location and local traffic conditions. If it’s close enough to commute time, your home or work will show ETAs, if you have added them to Maps.

Driving Mode also shows ETAs to places you have been recently or you have searched for. If you find some good timing, you can select a place to navigate to it in the usual way. Let’s take an example where you just got free out of your work and now wish to instantly know whether it’s good to head back home or should go to the gym first.

Here Driving Mode will tell you with a few driving time estimates and you can then decide what you want to do as you drive around, the ETAs update. In the “standard” navigation mode, you can easily search for local gas stations, restaurants, cafés, supermarket, and anything you wish to look for through the search button.

Something more to note, the results will stay on the screen as long as you don’t dismiss them. It implies that till you are driving around searching for a good place to eat, the results will keep on updating as you move.

When you know what your destination is, still you want to receive the traffic updates, Driving Mode comes handy again. It also proves useful when you are circling around some place without any specific idea of where exactly to stop by.

No confirmations or statements have been received as to whether or not the feature will be available on iOS platform in the near future.

Google Maps Driving Mode is a must in-car AI
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Google Maps Driving Mode is a must in-car AI
Google Maps Driving Mode is a hidden feature in the navigation service. The feature provides detailed information about your navigation path.
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