Google Chrome review: best browser ever
Google Chrome review: best browser ever


Google Chrome is the undisputed champion of the browsing world. It is the most used Web browser all around the globe. Around 70 percent of Web users prefer to surf the vast oceans of Internet using Google Chrome.


Everybody loves Google Chrome. Why? Because it’s simple, fast and is developed by Google. The biggest boost of Chrome is its integrated Google search bar feature. This integration allows you to instantly search Google without visiting the Google website.

As soon as you start typing something in the navigation bar, you’ll see a number of suggestions below the bar from where you can select the one that seems most appropriate for your search query.

Other than saving you the effort of typing a complete search query and access Google Search directly, the browser also lets you use Autofill. The feature ensures that you don’t have to fill forms again and again. With a simple click, you can complete forms that you’re filling for other than the first time.

Like other popular browsers, Google Chrome lets you customize it with a number of themes and plugins. Moreover, it lets you sync Web data across several devices including PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Google Chrome


Features of Google Chrome

1. Integrated Google Search bar

– With Google Chrome you can navigate and search Google directly from one common place i.e. the navigation bar. As soon as you start typing your search query (or the Website), a number of related search (Web) suggestions will be generated just below the navigation bar.

2. Integrated password manager

– Google Chrome comes with a password manager which lets you save your log-in details for your most-visited Websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

3. Autofill forms with a single-click

– The Autofill feature of Chrome lets you fill a form that you’ve filled earlier, with only a single click. You can either select the old data that you entered into the form or manually fill up some new data in the form.

4. Sync across multiple devices

– Google Chrome is not only best for PCs but also for smartphones and tablets. The Web browser is automatically synced across devices, which means you can carry your Web session from PC to smartphone and vice-versa.


OS – Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Processor – N/A


Storage – Less than 50 MB

In a Nutshell

Developer – Google

Latest Version – 50.0.2661.102

Google Chrome review: best browser ever
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Google Chrome review: best browser ever
Google Chrome is the most-widely used Web browser. According to a W3Schools survey report, around 70 percent Web users make use of the browser.
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