WhatsApp adds rich link previews on Windows Phone
WhatsApp adds rich link previews on Windows Phone

Whatsapp for Windows Phone and Windows Mobile just got a new tiny update. Once you update, your existing WhatsApp will change to the latest version 2.16.64. The new update introduces rich link previews for the mentioned platforms.

Facebook owned WhatsApp is presently the most used messaging app in the world. The app lets you easily chat with people worldwide and share images, videos, location, and much more. The free messaging app is available for Windows and Windows Mobile in the latest version.

The app uses your device’s Internet connection or Wi-Fi to allow free messaging and WhatsApp calling to your friends and family. It’s a much better option over SMS as you can send and receive messages, calls, media, docs, and even voice messages in the app.

The excerpt from the single change in the WhatsApp for Windows Phone and Windows Mobile update reads,

“Links that you share or receive will now include a rich preview. When sending a link, you have the option to remove the preview.”

If you were expecting something big or significant in the change, then sadly, the update does not comes out as anything else than the addition of rich link previews.

Around two weeks before, WhatsApp released desktop apps for Mac and Windows. Windows 8 and above users are able to use WhatsApp on their PC. The desktop app is nothing but just an extension of Windows Phone.

If you want to run the updated Whatsapp app on your Windows Mobile, just close the app on your desktop computer. After adding the ubiquity – more places you can access the app, now the latest update makes it possible to preview rich links inside the app.

The latest version of WhatsApp for Windows and Windows Mobile adds only one change. If you come to locate anything new after updating the app, or anything missed in the update feel free to submit in comments.

WhatsApp already has a userbase of more than 1 billion, given the new update; they have one more good reason to use it.

WhatsApp adds rich link previews on Windows Phone
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WhatsApp adds rich link previews on Windows Phone
WhatsApp has rolled out yet another feature. This time, the feature is exlusively available for Windows Phone. The new feature is rich link previews.
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