uTorrent review: lite and limitless
uTorrent review: lite and limitless


uTorrent is the most popular bittorrent client in the world. The lightweight torrent program is contained within a single executable file, which is smaller than even 1 MB. The bittorrent client requires only a very small amount of system resources to operate.


uTorrent has it all; compatibility with BitComet-Mainline DHT, bandwidth prioritization, RSS auto-downloading, scheduling, etc. World’s most popular bittorrent client relies on a very feeble amount of system resources including a very small requirement of 6 MB RAM.

uTorrent also provides support for peer exchange and the Protocol Encryption joint specification. In addition to the powerful downloading options, the software is fully customizable including options for normal icons, status icons and toolbar graphics. Therefore, you can create your very own version of the uTorrent client.

Though uTorrent is one of the smallest pieces of software that rely on very minute resources, the bittorrent client packs almost all the powerful features as offered by its large contemporaries. uTorrent provides localization support and is available in a number of languages.

There is continuous development of the bittorrent client ensuring to make it more powerful than ever while keeping it as simpler as possible.




1. Fast installation and small size

– The software is only a little over than a single MB and gets installed on any compatible system within a flash. Unlike other software, you don’t need to restart your system after the installation to make use of the bittorrent client.

2. Devours on little amount of resources

– To use uTorrent, you don’t need a powerful PC or even an average system. The software can even work on Windows XP running on a machine with Pentium IV processor and only 32 MB RAM.

3. Power-packed

– Don’t get fooled by the tiny size of the software, the little tool carries almost all the powerful features offered by other heavy bittorent clients.

4. Access to a variety of bundles

– The software is officially affiliated with a number of artists, bands, authors, etc. This means you get an unlimited access to download your favorite files with the bittorrent client.


OS – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Processor – Pentium I

RAM – 6 MB

Storage – A few MBs

In a Nutshell

Developer – BitTorrent

Version – 3.4.6 Build 42178

uTorrent review: lite and limitless
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uTorrent review: lite and limitless
uTorrent is a tiny bittorrent client. Despite being only around 1 MB in size, it tool offers almost all the powerful features such as RSS auto-downloading.
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