PC Optimizer Pro: speeding systems for 11 years
PC Optimizer Pro: speeding systems for 11 years


PC Optimizer Pro is a shareware utility tool. The tool lets you clean your system and speed up like a new one. As its official tagline says, “PC Optimizer is tried, tested and trusted by over 5.2 mn users worldwide”.


Used by over 5 mn worldwide users, PC Optimizer Pro is one of the leading system optimisation software. The software offers a number of small utility programs which you can conveniently use to speed up and monitor your system performance.

For 11 years, the lightweight tool has helped many users to make their PC work like a new one.

PC Optimizer Pro


Features of PC Optimizer Pro:

1. File Shredder

– Deleted data can still be recovered ever after you empty your recycle bin or format your hard drive. To avoid this, PC Optimizer Pro comes with an inbuilt file shredding tool which lets you completely remove unwanted files once and for all.

2. Manage Startup

– This small utility offers you to set up a number of Windows Startup options. You can speed up your system startup by reviewing and distributing permissions among a limited number of software to start when the system turns on.

3. Program Uninstaller

– Program Uninstaller lets you completely remove a program including its app data, temporary files, junk etc from your system.

4. Restore Backup

– Restore Backup lets you reverse all the undesired consequences of the last registry cleanup.

5. System Info

– System Info is an informational utility of PC Optimizer Pro which lets you know the important info about the machine.

6. Universal Fixer

– This is the primary option of the PC Optimizer Pro. It helps to remove unwanted stuff such as Internet junk, invalid registry entries, junk files, etc. and boost up your system speed.

7. Windows Tools

– PC Optimizer Pro provides an easy way to access all your inbuilt Windows tools. In other way, you can access all your Windows utilities at a single place.


OS – Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Architecture – 32-bit/64-bit

Processor – Pentium I or higher

RAM – 32 MB

Storage – 20 MB

In a Nutshell

Developer – XportSoft Technologies

Latest Version –

First Release – 2005

HQ – Haryana, India

PC Optimizer Pro: speeding systems for 11 years
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PC Optimizer Pro: speeding systems for 11 years
PC Optimizer Pro is a system utility tool. The software is used by more than 5 mn users and comes with a variety of small system tools.
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