Ammyy Admin: best networking tool
Ammyy Admin: best networking tool


Ammyy Admin is one of the most popular remote desktop software available for Windows. At present, the remote desktop connection building tool is installed in over 55 mn machines.


Ammyy Admin is the no. 1 choice among casual and professional users all around the globe that either wish to share a remote desktop or want to control a server over the Web.

With a userbase of more than 55 mn, the software is one of the most reliable remote desktop applications available for Windows users. The networking tool is 100 percent safe to use and requires no installation. This means that you can use the tool via a flash drive, anywhere at any place.

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Ammy Admin ServiceAmmy Admin Service lets you access and manage unattended servers or systems. You can use the feature to invoke options like remotely restarting the system or switch users.

Built-in tools – Other than using the software for managing remote connections, you can use Ammyy Admin to voice chat and as a remote file manager. The inbuilt voice chat option lets you have free VoIP conversations with your peers and partners.

Installation free – The networking tool doesn’t require an installation. Just download the file, unzip it and you’re all set to make use of it. Thanks to its installation-free operation, it can be copied on to a flash drive for using it anytime, anywhere.

Free – Ammyy Admin is completely free to use. You can use it freely under the GPU GPL license.

Lightweight – The software is very lightweight and measure only in KBs. Even after unzipping, it won’t take more than a few MBs of your system’s hard disk space.

Secure – The remote networking tool makes use of a mechanism called hybrid encryption algorithm. The algorithm combines two of the best known encryption algos, AES and RSA. All data transfers made by the software are backed up by the hybrid encryption algorithm and, thence, offer a maximum level of networking security.


OS – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Processor – N/A

RAM – 16 MB

Storage Space – Around 2 MB

In a Nutshell

Developer – Ammyy

First Release – 2007

Latest Version –

HQ – Russia

Ammyy Admin: best networking tool
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Ammyy Admin: best networking tool
Ammyy Admin is installed in over 55 mn devices. This makes Ammyy Admin one of the most widely used remote control application for Windows.
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