Opera launches free VPN app for iOS
Opera launches free VPN app for iOS

Opera seems to relieve you with the effort to find a good VPN by providing you with its own free VPN for iOS. The app was released by Opera on Monday.

Opera is known worldwide for its browser, and now is all set to grab more public attention for launching the new free and unlimited VPN for iOS.

The VPN lets you securely access the Internet from different locations. If you don’t know, Opera VPN operates same like any other VPN app available on iOS. Like Opera’s VPN integrations before, the free and unlimited app also uses the US-based SurfEasy VPN service which Opera acquired last month.

SurfEasy offers standalone app for Android and iOS. It also offers desktop software, but charges subscription fees after a free trial period is over. One can easily connect to the Internet in the United States, or navigate traffic through another country to access geo-blocked content (virtual regions on the offer right now are Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, or Singapore).

Apart from offering you with a new region, Opera VPN also offers tools to block ads and trackers. In April 2016, Opera added a free and unlimited VPN into the developer version of its popular web browser. Now this week, the company has integrated the in-built ad blocking again all for free.

Other third-party services feature a somewhat similar setup, or insert ads to pay for server time. According to sources, Opera’s promising VPN will be available free for lifetime. In addition to it, news affirms that Opera is not making plans to serve ads for the time being. When tried out, Opera VPN couldn’t be put through its paces. Even the desktop version leaked user’s IP addresses at launch.

It implies that if you are specifically worried about security aspects; prefer to hold off a little bit more. In other case, considering the simple changes in regions, Opera VPN does its job just the way it should.

Opera is promoting the app as specifically relevant for campuses and workplaces, where Wi-Fi offered by institution or other may have limited access to social media and video-streaming sites.

Opera launches free VPN app for iOS
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Opera launches free VPN app for iOS
Opera has launched a brand new VPN app for iOS. The app is available completely for free and doesn’t cater any type of advertisements.
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