Apple Music Connect to be demoted in next iOS 10 update
Apple Music Connect to be demoted in next iOS 10 update

Apple Music Connect, social network that allows artists share music, is going to be demoted in the next iOS 10 update. It seems like Apple is finding a hard time managing the music-focused social network.

In 2012, Apple made the first attempt to bring a social network for musicians dubbed Ping. Ping was a step forward to “add MySpace-type features” to iTunes. Sadly, the initiative disappeared soon.

Apple Music provides artists a direct access for sharing music and videos on the platform.

Sources reveal that Apple is anticipated to demote Connect in the Apple Music’s next iOS 10 update. Apple Music Connect has been a significant tab in Apple Music since the streaming service launched in summer last year.

Sources now claim that the feature will be integrated with For You tab, somehow. During its launch, Apple flaunted Connect’s social capabilities as one of the differentiating elements between Apple Music and other known music streaming services.

Given the cluttered social space, Connect and Ping both have failed to take off Apple’s big plans. First thing is that Connect hasn’t got anything to offer something unique to its artist-fan interactions. Biggies like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and Tumblr are already into the race struggling for artists to share new content through their platforms.

For instance, Apple Music got a significant exclusive with Drake’s new album, Views, yet the rapper penned down a content-partnership with Snapchat for album promotion. Listeners go with a social network choice when it comes to updates from their favorite artists.

This is the reason why the launch of Connect seemed useless and tone-deaf on Apple’s side to start with. For users who can’t wait until iOS 10 update to see Connect disappear, there’s already a quick way to demote it. You can do so manually going into your Restriction settings.

By demoting Connect, Apple seems to hope for simplifying Apple Music’s user interface. Earlier reports indicated that Apple Music might get a major update with announcement of iOS 10 at WWDC 2016. The update will include a new black-and-white look for albums, enlarged cover art, and integration of lyrics as well.

Apple Music Connect to be demoted in next iOS 10 update
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Apple Music Connect to be demoted in next iOS 10 update
Apple has announced to pull Apple Music Connect, a dedicated social network for musicians, out of service from its upcoming iOS 10 launch.
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