Quitter for Mac review: easy way to automatically quit or hide inactive apps
Quitter for Mac review: easy way to automatically quit or hide inactive apps

When using Mac, it’s easy to lose control over the number of Mac apps you have opened at any given point of time. Here is an app from the Instapaper developer Marco Arment that might come handy. Quitter for Mac automatically quits or hides apps after a fixed duration of inactivity.

Marco Arment is known for working at Tumblr and for developing Instapaper and Overcast. Having dabbled toes in multiple areas, Mac was oddly something which remained virtually out of sight of Arment.

Quitter is the first app from the developer. It helps to auto-quit distracting apps after a set amount of inactivity.

No more wasting your time on specific apps like Twitter or Slack for checking the notifications. Quitter is the one app that will take away the urge to check in every now and then for no reason and then ending up consuming your battery for no reason due to such apps running in the background.

Just set a specific time limit for inactivity. Then if you will not use the app within the set amount of time, Quitter will automatically hide or quit the app so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s not necessary that the out of sight, out of mind principle works out for all, still if you feel bothered with particular apps just because they’re open, Quitter may be the solution.

The Mac app is built in a way to identify when an app is inactive for a selected amount of time. It then automatically shuts or hides that app after the time limit for inactivity is reached. It’s functioning is somewhat helpful to drive your attention from the apps running, yet you aren’t using them.

The app comes handy especially for the distracting apps like Facebook, Twitter, news readers, or even for the mail app. Users are often bothered with the habit of checking every few minutes, even when there’re no messages or notifications.

Here Quitter shows its capability. The app is free, with no extra or hidden cost.

Though Quitter is not the first app meant to minimize distractions but being a free and from a reputed developer, the app is likely expected to do well within the Mac community. The app is available at Marco’s website.

It isn’t available at the Mac App Store owing to its functionality which makes it unable to be sandboxed.

If you are struggling with several lingering apps that serve as a distraction, consider using Quitter for Mac to spin them out.

Quitter for Mac review: easy way to automatically quit or hide inactive apps
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Quitter for Mac review: easy way to automatically quit or hide inactive apps
Quitter for Mac is an app that lets automatically hides or closes app after a set period of inactivity. The app is developed by Marco Arment.
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