Evernote for Windows update brings color coded notebooks, better search and more
Evernote for Windows update brings color coded notebooks, better search and more

Evernote is quite famous for helping users to capture, remember and rediscover various important things with ease. A while back, Evernote promised its users to bring some large-scale improvements to its product. Keeping that promise, the company has updated Evernote for Windows with an array of new features, including color coded notebooks, tags and better search.

The company, in an attempt to make the product a great experience for its users, has refined and expanded Evernote’s foundational strengths. The latest version of Evernote allows you to easily navigate to your notebooks, organize them by color and search without any difficulty.

Evernote for Windows updated features:

1. Sidebar navigation:

Now users can experience more intuitive sidebar navigation on Evernote for Windows. The application allows users to find and manage their content even faster.

New in the Sidebar:

  • You can choose Notebooks to gather all your notes in the Note list.
  • Drag and drop a notebook into a stack or out of a stack to toss it to another location
  • You can easily access your deleted notes via the newly introduced Trash section

2. Slender sidebar:

The Company has introduced an amazing option called Slender sidebar that allows you to collapse the left sidebar into a thin navigation strip to get an extra bit of working space.
To do so: select View > Left Panel from the application’s menu.

3. Hover to quickly navigate:

Using this feature, you can quickly switch to a specific notebook. To use the feature, hover over the Notebook section. You’ll be notified with options such as search for an existing notebook or create a new one. Click the option as per your need. You can also use the feature for Tags section.

4. Keep your personal and business life separate:

There is a noticeable change in the application especially for business users. Earlier, all the notes, personal and business, existed together. Now they will come in two separate lists so that you can immediately differentiate where you’re working.

To check your personal contacts, choose the Personal tab and for business contacts select Business tab. You can also use keyboard shortcuts alt+1 and alt+2 to switch between personal and business contacts.

5. Smart search and discovery:

Evernote has made it possible for you to easily search anything you’re looking for, no matter how many notes are there and how difficult your tagging structure is.

6. Add color to organise your notes:

The most-liked feature is the color coding for notes and notebooks. Now you can add color to your important tags and notebooks for instant identification and access to your notes.
To activate the color-coding feature, simply right-click on a notebook > choose Style to pick your desired color.

7. Crisp and Clean:

The application comes with a high-DPI support that provides a clean and crisp look to the new Evernote for Windows.
Besides the discussed features, the app features numerous quality and stability enhancements. So update your Evernote for Windows app and get set to take your notes-making experience to the next level.

Evernote for Windows update brings color coded notebooks, better search and more
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Evernote for Windows update brings color coded notebooks, better search and more
Evernote for Windows update comes with a wide range of new features, including color coded notebooks and tags, smart search and discovery, sidebar and more.
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