Viber end to end encryption now available for Windows 10
Viber end to end encryption now available for Windows 10

A new announcement by the popular messaging service Viber, brings a mix of good and bad news for the Windows 10 users. According to the latest reports, Viber adds end-to-end encryption to desktop and Windows app. It seems much like good news for complete encryption coming to its messaging apps.

Sad part is that the updated support is limited to the upcoming vision of the Windows Phone only. It implies that the existing version of Windows Phone is out of the treat.

The official blog post by Viber read that the company is excited to announce the feature which will let Viber users to communicate safely across all of their product lines via end-to-end encryption. Viber has been continuously working on the change for a considerable measure of time.

Now that the company has released it on Tuesday, the team is proud of the fact that its wide userbase can now use the platform without any issues or fear of their messages being accessed.

Whether it’s in a one-to-one message, or a group conversation, a call on desktop, mobile, or a tablet; the encryption applies to the entire range.

Howsoever, the encryption talk is not a complete truth. Ann FAQ page on the new end-to-end encryption feature stated that Viber for Windows Phone 8 will still not support the new updated security features.

Calls and messages will continue to be secured via the standard encryption methods. In addition to it, the company is also ending support for the Viber app on Windows 8 tablets and PCs.

In a way, the platform is trying to improve the security aspects of its service for the users utilizing the latest devices and tech. Sources also reveal that a few days ago, Viber has just started closed beta testing on the forthcoming Windows 10 universal app for PCs and smartphones.

Viber end-to-end encryption now available for Windows 10
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Viber end-to-end encryption now available for Windows 10
Viber end to end encryption for Windows 10 desktop as well as the mobile version is now officially announced. The new updated version is now available.
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