Phonos UWP preview version for Windows 10 now available
Phonos UWP preview version for Windows 10 now available

While Sonos has officially declared that it won’t offer any Universal Windows Platform application for Windows 10, there is an optional solution in transit. All credit goes to the outsider controller application, Phonos.

Phonos has released a preview version of its UWP (Universal Windows Platform) for Windows 10. You can preview the latest release on both the PC and mobile versions of the latest Windows iteration.

Phonos developer has reported that his UWP application for Windows 10 PC and Mobile is as of now accessible in preview only. In addition to it, he also focuses on the fact that it is a preview version of the application and the developed team is, at the moment, assembling all types of feedback from interested users.

Ultimately, the feedback received from the Phonos users will determine the usability and functionality of the end product.

An official statement read,

“This is a PREVIEW of the new Universal version of the Sonos controller – Phonos. Kindly read the release notes before use. It supports both platforms – Phones and PCs. We need to get input on what we have, before we release this to everybody once it is done.”

At present, the application is missing some considerable elements like group editing, device’s volume control, and control over aspects like shuffle and repeat. There is additionally no search, and the Queue rundown is inadequate as well. However, these features can be expected in the true release of the Phonos software.

Like the official Sonos controller for desktop, Phonos permits you to control your Sonos speaker system right from your Windows 10 devices. The preview version is available on the Windows Store.

If you already love using Sonos, then you should download the Phonos preview version right now to test the functionality of the tool.

Phonos UWP preview version for Windows 10 now available
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Phonos UWP preview version for Windows 10 now available
Phonos has released a preview version which lets you remote control Windows 10. The preview version is available for both PC and Mobile versions of Windows 10.
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