Interactive Skype Bots on Windows Desktop
Interactive Skype Bots on Windows Desktop

Updated interactive Skype Bots on Windows Desktop are here.

Though the recently launched AI powered bot named Tay might have made Microsoft embarrassed as soon as the machine learned from users how to be racist. Yet, the company seems to continue its effort with the future of bot development.

You can now avail the interactive Skype Bots, the one that Microsoft presented first at its Build 2016. CEO Satya Nadella revealed the company’s plans to bring the era of bots to conventional platforms. The motive was to indicate that it will work with other popular communication tools like Slack, Outlook, LINE, and more, apart from Skype.

Bots were unveiled with presentations on how Bots, one like Microsoft’s own virtual assistance Cortana, target to help clear the way for the future of communication, productivity, and interactions with businesses and brands.

The Bots are available to access in the Skype desktop app. Once the users update the Skype desktop app to the latest version, they will be able to get the preview versions of the bots.

The bots’ integration with Skype is on Windows, iOS, and Android as a preview only. As a side note, Skype for HoloLens also went live the same day, with no integration for bots.

You can simply add bots right to your contact list, once you are done with the download process. You would need to click Add Bots… icon at the top of the software. You can then likewise choose from a number of preview bots.

Once you are done with adding bots, you are free to start a chat session with your selected bot. The bot fill, at first, outline some preliminary phrases to try out.

One thing to remember is that the update isn’t available automatically at the user’s end. You could only notice the new update when you force-click twice within the app. It implies that you might need to begin the check a couple of times to start the download.

Anyways, it’s worth a try to check out the updated interactive Skype bots on Windows desktop. As per Microsoft, the preview bots are up for access in only selective countries, including Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and the US.

Nadella said to the developers that bots are a golden key to write new types of apps. He further said that bots will be core, like .NET was to all apps going further.

You can access the preview bots in the latest version of Skype for Windows Desktop, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Here’s a somewhat same timing of Skype’s Developer Platform and bot creation tools. Apart from that, Microsoft Bot Framework is also here now.

Interactive Skype Bots on Windows Desktop
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Interactive Skype Bots on Windows Desktop
Microsoft has launched the interactive Skype Bots for Windows Desktop. The preview version is available for Windows Desktop, Android, iOS, and iPad.
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