9.7-inch iPad Pro review
9.7-inch iPad Pro review

Last week, Apple officially announced the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Marketing Chief at Apple, Phil Schiller described the product as the ultimate upgrade for existing iPad as well as for Windows PC users.

Not even one week has gone by, there’s an outburst of detailed reviews offering a closer and clearer look at the new buzzed tablet beyond the first impression and hands-on articles last week.

The common unanimity going on around early reviews is that the smaller iPad Pro packs more powerful hardware. Though like its 12.9-inch follower, the feedbacks were mixed about whether or not the tablet actually holds the power to replace your laptop.

Considering the price for 9.7-inch iPad Pro marked at $599, it certainly seems like a more reasonable alternative of Mac or PC over the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, whose range starts from $799.

According to a review by Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica, the main trouble lies while envisioning the kind of user who would like to choose the product over a real computer like a MacBook Air or Pro.

It still feels the same like before. The price at what the full-size Pro is being offered, it’s huge and so expensive that you can buy any other high-end Macs or Windows PCs at the same price. Even that wouldn’t require you to put up with the bothesome limitations of iOS.

Talking about the smaller and cheaper 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the scene is a bit different. For a $599 price, the tablet seems a decent competitor against middle range Windows PCs. For the fact, it is actually cheaper than any other MacBook by Apple.

For users who are active but not that into the details of the product, the robust hardware and the comparative simplicity of the software might become the plus point to make it recommendable.

Things being concerned, there are still some features where the standard old Windows PCs overpower iOS, including the existing legacy apps and connecting anything requiring a USB port. Its usefulness actually depends on what you need to do and how you work on it.

In case you have already bought an iPad and now looking for a new switch, calculation is simpler here. If you own an iPad 2, the third-gen or fourth-gen Retina iPads, or the original iPad Air, and you realize that iPad is something you’ve been using the most over whatever other devices you have in your house; then the iPad Pro is a no-brainer upgrade.

Other sources commented that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the best flagship iPad you can buy right now. It’s so surprising to see a lightweight tablet loading such a mind-blowing power.

Despite of the fact that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro has around half as much RAM as the 12.9-inch one, still the benchmark figures are quite the same.

Now two questions arise, first being – Did Apple just increased the price of its best iPad? Well, it did. And is it worth the cost? Considering the components featured and the storage offered at $599, 9.7-inch iPad Pro is definitely worth it.

David Phelan for The Independent wrote in his review that the new iPad Pro also comes with a keyboard to use it, attached by Smart Connectors buttons on the edge of the tablet.

The features make the iPad Pro ultimately an effective laptop replacement, and complete with touchscreen, rather than Apple’s own laptops. Fortunately, the touchscreen works excellently with the iPad Pro and keyboard, which makes it difficult to think Apple isn’t paying attention on making a MacBook with touch-sensitive display. Yet to see!

But what makes iPad Pro the best choice is that it is a combination of a brilliant display, impressive audio and persistent processing power into one perfectly portable tablet.

The product has been up for ordering since March 24, with shipping process starting from March 31.

9.7-inch iPad Pro review
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9.7-inch iPad Pro review
Apple launched its latest addition in the iPad Pro series. The latest 9.7-inch iPad is a perfect replacement for PCs and laptops.
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