install extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview
install extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview

Few weeks back, we heard Microsoft releasing new extensions for Microsoft Edge. Now starting with build 14291 for Windows 10 Insider Preview, insiders have become able to add a selective collection of extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview.

Right now, you need to manually install the extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview. The company is in plans to make them available on the Windows Store soon.

As of now, there isn’t a big list of extensions available for preview. Still, you can have a look at the way they can improve your browsing experience.

Here’re the simple steps to install extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview:

  • Click on the ellipsis “…” at the top right corner of Microsoft Edge.
  • Select
  • Click on Get extensions.
  • Click on Download icon next to the extensions you wish to install on your PC.
  • Choose Run from the download notification window.
  • Click on the “” at the top right edge of the screen
  • Click
  • Click on Load extensions.
  • Select the extensions folder.
  • Choose

Here it is. You are done with installing extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview.

As soon as the extensions will be accessible on the Window Store, it will become much easier to install them. As for now, the good news is that at least Windows Insider members are eligible to get a preview of a few extensions in advance.

One among the new extensions available for preview is Mouse Gestures. It allows you to do simple browsing tasks by just a right-click. You need to gesture with the mouse after that.

For instance, you right-click and hold, and then drag the mouse to right and up to open a new tab, or simply drag the mouse from right to left to go back to the last page.

Another example can be the Microsoft Translator extension, which is capable of translating pages in more than 50 foreign languages to English.

When visiting a foreign language web page in the Microsoft Edge, you will see a translation icon popping in the address bar.

The feedback is open by the company for accepting views on what type of extensions users would like to see on Microsoft Edge.

How to install extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview
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How to install extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview
Extensions on Microsoft Edge Preview are now available on the Windows Store for the Windows Insider members. For now, you can install it manually.
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