Windows 10 Mobile update lets Outlook Mails render email styles
Windows 10 Mobile update lets Outlook Mails render email styles

Looks like Microsoft is planning to fix one of its longstanding complaints regarding the Windows 10 Mobile version of Outlook Email and Calendar. The company revealed that in initial testing, it looks like HTML emails will now correctly format to fit into the phone’s display.

Mail and Calendar build 17.6769.40522 is releasing to selective Windows 10 Mobile phones. It’s a tweak from the recent x.40332 that was released a few weeks ago. However, the company is right now only checking the update on Lumia 950 with the production release.

Things have complicated as Lumia 650 on production release supports build 17.6568.46332 for Email whereas Lumia 950 XL (Redstone) has 17.6769.40322.

Both of the phones aren’t seeing any email update and it has something to do with Insider release ring these phones are registered under.

Last year in December, Windows 10 Mobile app faced criticism for its unfriendly formatting features. It couldn’t display images correctly with either wrong size or positioned in the wrong manner.

The email also used to stretch over the edge of the screen, implying lots of scrolling. Then in February, 2016, Microsoft introduced a new update to Outlook trying to fix the graphics area of HTML emails with suitable rendering.

Emails still used to zoom in while opening it for the first time. It requested users to pinch-to-shrink the email down to adjust into the display or else you would have to mind panning over to see details info.

The new update, at least for Microsoft, seems like a way to fix the new zoom issue. You can check the comparative difference between the two builds of emails opened for the first time on same devices.

The device with the new update will obviously entice you more with its clarity and readability.

The company is also planning to push in performance improvements with the new update. The app seems faster and better in every possible way from opening the app to opening an email.

Overall, Outlook Mail and Calendar seems to become more robust at present and the latest update is just the icing on the cake.

Windows 10 Mobile update lets Outlook Mails render email styles
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Windows 10 Mobile update lets Outlook Mails render email styles
The new Windows 10 Mobile update lets Outlook Mails render email styles. It fixes the longstanding issues and offers a clear readable experience.
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