Mozilla Firefox 45.0 with disabled Linux GTK3 integration is available
Mozilla Firefox 45.0 with disabled Linux GTK3 integration is available

On Tuesday, Mozilla started releasing the binary and source packages of the new Firefox 45.0 browser on its FTP servers. The move allowed users to get a hang of the update before the company made official announcement later on the same day.

Mozilla officially released its new version – Mozilla Firefox 45.0 yesterday, on March 8, 2016. There was no announcement or confirmation earlier on the website or any link to download the new version.

But now you can easily download the official builds for Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems directly from the FTP channel.

Being one of the world’s most loved web browsers, there’s still not much to say about the new features introduced by Mozilla in the new Firefox 45.0 release.

Not that everything new in the update is impressive. Most of the Linux users will be down in the dumps again finding that the GTK3 integration has been sadly disabled.

The new release highlights include a new Synced Tabs button added to the button bar, instant browser tab sharing via the Hello feature, in addition to a new preference called network.dns.blockDotOnion to allow users block .onion at the DNS level.

Panorama features discarded

New Firefox 45.0 also brings the updated Awesome Bar’s drop-down area to show tabs opened on other synced devices. If the users have Firefox installed and signed into Firefox account, it will be visible in searches.

Apart from the aforementioned changes, Firefox 45.0 will now redirect URLs with a Unicode-format Internationalized Domain Name (IDN).

Developers are going to be benefitted the most, like always. The HTML support has been updated with ES6 classes, a Web Speech synthesis API, and Push API support.

All over, the new updated version- Mozilla Firefox 45.0 is somewhat a blend of usability and improvements with some unfavorable changes. The update is readily available for download.

Download latest version of Mozilla Firefox now –

Mozilla Firefox 45.0 with disabled Linux GTK3 integration is available
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Mozilla Firefox 45.0 with disabled Linux GTK3 integration is available
New update for Mozilla Firefox is now available. The new Mozilla Firefox 45.0 comes with disabled Linux GTK3 integration.
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