Transmission's Malware-infected update is detected after 6500 downloads
Transmission's Malware-infected update is detected after 6500 downloads

A fully-functional ransomware was spotted targeting Mac computers last week. The first ever case of Mac ransomware was noticed in a malicious update to Transmission BitTorrent client.

Whosoever downloaded version 2.90 of Transmission from the official Transmission website became the victim of the ransomware named – KeRanger.

Ransomware denotes a category of malware that encrypts a user’s hard drive and files, accessing their entire data, and then demands money in order to get it decrypted.

In the present case, KeRanger malware would have contrived the users to shed some money via the digital currency bitcoin for the decryption, proportionate to proximately $400.

The Transmission developers explained some out of the box details about the attack, putting some light on how the malware occurred. They said that the server responsible to deliver the Transmission software to customers was contravened in a cyber attack.

It allowed the KeRanger ransomware to get added automatically to the disk-image of its software.

Transmission representative John Clay stated in an email,

“The ransomware added to the disk-image of its software soon after the project’s server was breached in a cyber attack. We aren’t commenting on the entrance of the attack, apart from the fact that it affected our main server. The compromised one replaced the original normal disk image.”

The infectious software was downloaded 6,500 times before the threat was spotted. After the unfortunate server hack, security on the Transmission servers has been potentially increased to ensure that no similar attack may happen in the future.

Transmission developers introduced software update on Sunday. The update was meant to obstruct the malicious software from getting downloaded and remove it from Mac computers of the affected users.

Apple likewise updated its software protections to safeguard Mac users and help prevent the infected version from getting installed on its devices.

Users, who’ve mistakenly downloaded the malicious Transmission BitTorrent client, should update the software to the latest version 2.92. It will discard entire malware from the infected computers.

You can also look for additional details on Palo Alto Networks, if you’ve unknowingly got the malware installed on your system.

Transmission update found to be Malware-infected after 6,500 downloads
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Transmission update found to be Malware-infected after 6,500 downloads
Transmission, the popular bittorrent client, was found to be infected by a ransomware dubbed KeRanger. The infected update was Transmission 2.90.
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