Future of Xbox looks a lot like PC gaming
Future of Xbox looks a lot like PC gaming

Microsoft is planning to build a PC gaming console like future of Xbox. The company’s annual “spring showcase”, the event where the company reveals what’s coming up next between now and E3 this summer, was held in San Francisco last week.

The day also marked a victory lap for the Xbox team and the head, Phil Spencer. After a somewhat troubled release, the company laid efforts throughout 2015 to get the Xbox One back on the track.

Spencer began his speech with highlights of the changes Microsoft brought to “put the gamer at the center of every decision we make.”

It appears like Microsoft is working hard to bring Windows 10 and Xbox One closer than ever. The objective is to introduce Xbox One as the most fascinating gaming platform for gamers as well as developers.

The company is trying to offer such a technology that will enable gamers to play with whatever device they choose, irrespective of a PC or console base. Besides, Microsoft is also working on forming a future where you don’t quit your game library when the market gets a new Xbox release.

First base to the vision was introduced last year at E3. Microsoft announced that it was working on a backward compatibility program to unite Xbox 360 games with Xbox One.

Now the idea seems revived with Spencer’s view to bring Xbox One to Windows 10. The company is teaming up with its developers to build Universal Windows Applications.

This implies that you can enjoy your best game collection to new consoles in the future. Spencer said that the company is trying to introduce the software to other hardware platforms as well.

Xbox’s future looking like PC gaming isn’t a coincidence. Microsoft is trying to entertain gamers with a PC-like experience meanwhile staying up with their game library.

Spencer highlighted that they’d see Microsoft develop with more hardware possibilities during a console generation. It indicates that the Company might be in plans to introduce a new powerful Xbox One into the race with a Windows base.

Spencer emphasized on the role of consoles that sit outside of the upgrade cycle that goes from improvements in graphics features, to improved display and terms like 4K and HDR. He also cited the smartphone cycle of two years as a motivation.

Instead of the seven-ish years of console generations, Spencer wants to bring a stable hardware innovation. Microsoft can manage to revive the hardware, if you know your games library will be complete.

Spencer’s plan seems fantastic, unless you need to change your Xbox every two years to enjoy the new games.

For fanatic gamers who mind not spending sumptuous sum on buying a new console every few years to stay on the bleeding edge, the idea is best. The company hasn’t shared anything about its plans on how it will actually achieve the idea, but the concept might come out as a bit costly and complex if the older versions of Xbox One don’t support every new game.

It’s one among the many issues with Microsoft’s gaming future that needs fixes. As of now, one needs to buy games for Windows 10 and Xbox One separately. Microsoft is somewhat doing experiment on the concept of unlocking the game anywhere with just one purchase in reality.

For example, if you book Quantum Break for Xbox One in the store, you will get a Windows 10 copy of the same game for free. Hopes are high that Microsoft will make most out of it, at least given its own first-party titles where it enjoys major control.

The company will need to abide by its promise to PC gamers with cross-platform releases for both Windows 10 and Xbox One together. Spencer said that the Company is trying to bridge the gap as much as possible to make a common release for games.

Whatever Microsoft will do now, its spring showcase event of games already confirmed company’s efforts to close the gap between the two. The all-new games Killer Instinct: Season 3 and definitive version of Ori and the Blind Forest, will be available for both platforms – Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Hitting later this year, the surprise is a curated experience to PC gamers the game will offer.

Spencer acknowledged a reason behind the skepticism apart from Microsoft’s solid base to realize the concept. Windows Live games were the last attempt by Microsoft to bring an Xbox-like experience to PC gamers.

Due to many bugs and complex issues it shutdown in 2013. CEO Satya Nadella said that the company is working on a single platform.

Spencer also said that the team is dedicated to PC gaming platform and making sure that Windows 10 comes out as the best option for PC gamers.

In spite of failures, Microsoft seems to be serious to unify the PC gaming like future of Xbox. From the last decade, Xbox has ruled the market and proven extremely profitable for the company.

Though the vision seems a tough challenge to convert into reality, Microsoft seems to be ready with plans to get to the point. Hope is that Nintendo and Sony also gets in the list of the new future.

Isn’t it great to buy a console from any reputed company in the coming years and be free of your library to stay intact! Microsoft will actualize it.

Future of Xbox looks a lot like PC gaming
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Future of Xbox looks a lot like PC gaming
Microsoft is looking to merge Xbox and PC gaming to make something better for the gamers. For now, the future of Xbox seems to be PC gaming.
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