Access Classic Windows 3.1 games and programs at Internet Archive
Access Classic Windows 3.1 games and programs at Internet Archive

Want to relive the old memories again? Now you can access Classic Windows 3.1 games and programs with Internet Archive. has brought back a pile of Windows 3.1 games and software. Earlier it revived the classic DOS games and reminded us of the awesomeness that the PC viruses of that time used to be.

You can enjoy the collection right through your internet browser now. It includes over 1,000 games, around 300 utility tools, and loads of other programs from the desktop PC’s infancy.

Each of the software from the collection runs a JavaScript version of DosBox. It then boots up Windows 3.1 and ultimately loads the program you wish to enjoy.

You can start on a pretty note with the Windows 3.x Showcase category. It incorporates the benchmarks, including SkiFree, Wheel of Fortune: Deluxe Edition, and a specimen of the upcoming Windows 95 as a promotional step.

It also has a stock installation of the operating system to look for. Programs like Write, Paintbrush, and Minesweeper are there as well.

It isn’t just the collection and emulation of the old games and stuff; it took enough efforts to whittle down the size of each DosBox instance.

Jason Scott and a volunteer showed up with a new system that will not require any specific optimization for each particular app, thus allowing quicker arrival of new additions.

While some of the Windows 3.1 programs will stay copyrighted which means that you won’t be able to download or use them offline, has argued that offering the programs for non-commercial uses like education and preservations should be allowed.

One good reason for keeping these programs preserved is that they will help better understand the exponential growth of interface design that has happened over the last 20-25 years.

Access Classic Windows 3.1 games and programs at Internet Archive
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Access Classic Windows 3.1 games and programs at Internet Archive
Description is the best place to look for good old online stuff. The online repository has now added Windows 3.1 games to its list.
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