Slack voice and video calling features soon to be introduced
Slack voice and video calling features soon to be introduced

Slack, the most popular enterprise collaboration tool that has raised $180mn and proven to be a runway success with 365,000 daily active users, has made another acquisition to add more functionality to its platform. The company today revealed that it will soon bring the ability to turn a normal chat into a voice or video chat.
According to a blog post, Slack will soon begin testing new features on its platform.
Slack’s introduction of voice and video calling feature will surely delight Slack users who previously have been using Skype for Business or some other application to do the same task.
As per reports, Slack wants to give users more options to be collaborative, transparent and productive.
To bring the big change live on its platform Slack VP of Product Underwood revealed company’s road map during the customer conference in San Francisco.
Slack’s VP, Underwood opened the conference saying,
“We like to be really open and transparent because we want your feedback.”
She also mentioned that Slack will bring voice chat service first on desktop followed by its launch on other devices and platforms. However, video calling feature have to wait for some time.
The company also highlighted teams that are using Slack to stay in touch. Some of them include teams from Charity: Water, Medical researchers and NASA’s Jet Propulsion.
With over 2.3mn daily active users, Slack business is growing day by day. With its all-new 2016 roadmap, Slack is all set to gun its rivals like Google Hangouts and Skype.
Slack’s move to bring new features to its own platform is just to make a full what-you-see-is-what-you-get service for the messages. So whenever your co-worker wants to copy-paste a text written by you, it will look exactly the way you have posted it.
To bring the features live, Slack is also allowing third party users like marketing agencies and technology vendors to empower their organization.
Slack is also improving its search operators to make it handy for non-power users to find files and other content. The company is making easy for developers to build good experience on its platform and for this Slack is building SLI (Search, Learning &Intelligence) division.
The forthcoming release of voice and video chat may perhaps make some companies nosier, but it will surely make Slack a tool for comprehensive communication rather than a service plugged into the suite of other products.
If Slack’s move pans out, it could solidify company as the next staple of enterprise.

Slack voice and video calling features soon to be introduced
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Slack voice and video calling features soon to be introduced
Slack is planning to add Slack voice and video calling features to its team-collaboration service. It will soon start testing the features.
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