Upcoming EA games 2016
Upcoming EA games 2016

EA, Electronic Arts, is one of the most popular game developers in the industry. The firm has several popular series in the kitty. Battlefield, FIFA and The SIMS are some of the most popular gaming franchises crafted by the EA. The Redwood-based game developer is ready to launch some big titles in 2016, too!

We’ve listed three big EA titles scheduled for a 2016 release. Let’s check them out:

1. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


– “Fight Oppression, Claim Your Freedom”…. That’s what the upcoming game from EA DICE says via its official website. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the new and soon-to-be-launched game which imprints the comeback of EA DICE with the first-person action-adventure gameplay. It’s an eye-treat custom-built for action gamers, enabling them to live in the sumptuous dystopian world and discover the buried dark secrets.

The upcoming open-world-adventure platform game is powered by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. The story is all about discovering the story of Faith and her adventure to stop the totalitarian of conglomerate of corporations who secretly rule the city of Glass. It’s her story of freedom and origin.

The game lets you discover the original story of Faith and dig deeper into the working systems of the futuristic city and the world beyond.

Main features of Mirrors Edge

  • Fluid movement and combat in first person – Game is not about guns only, you can play physically with your momentum to fight the oppression and win your freedom
  • Play free in the secret city – You aren’t disturbed by missions, notifications, or instructions when you play. Enjoy a free round around the whole city
  • Discover the story of Faith – You play the character of a woman who transforms from a carefree person to a heroine. She’ll open the eyes of the city and will be the catalyst for change. You’re Faith and this is your story
  • Learn about Faith – The game also has an option where you can read about the story of Faith. It’ll help you understand and connect with the character

Release Date

The game is being awaited since long for its amazing graphics and X-factor. It will be available from May 24, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on Origin PC. You can pre-order selective in-game accessories till the game is released.

  • Pre-Order Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to get the Combat Runner Kit or the Speed Runner Kit.*
  • Pre-Order the download version of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for Origin PC, PS4 or Xbox One and receive both the Combat Runner Kit and the Speed Runner Kit

2. EA Sports UFC 2


“Finish the Fight”… EA Canada brings you a rolling mixed martial arts fighting game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is not only the name of the game but also acts as the motto of the game where you are allowed to play as different characters and fight the opponents in several modes.

Main features

  • Lifelike Characters – One thing that will strike you as soon as you start the game are – the characters! Really! They’re so lifelike and smartly animated to give them extreme appeal and likeness. You’ll enjoy your favorite players with a superclean and sensible development.
  • All-new Knockout Physics System – The knockout feature is a masterpiece and adds a layer of intense-action to the game.
  • Multiple Gameplay features – It has a list of multiple features which allows you to invite you’re your fighting friends to step into the Octagon to finish the fight
  • Extreme fun – The game is one heck of a fun package whether you play walkout or knockout. It has a vast set of features and offers innate adventure
  • Versatile Grappling – EA UFC 2 is the very first game that will allow gamers to play independent with free fighter control in every grappling situation. When you play two-fighter interface, the scenario becomes more adventurous and lively

Overall, the game is packed with tons of features you would love to explore.

Release Date

The game will be up for access from March 15 with pre-order options.

3. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Introduction –

“Bigger, Badder, and Bigger”…The game marks an all-new version of Plants vs. Zombies with newer plants and freaky zombies. Game has got much better with modifications and gameplay than the original edition. You will find the biggest battle on the planet going between Plants and Zombies.

Main features

  • Backyard Background – The Backyard Background is something to hold more for your suspense. The biggest PvZ world now offers a feature where you can edit your characters’ skills and customize them, select quests, switch to co-op or multiplayer action mode, and invite up to 3 friends to your backyard to join the team. You are also allowed to tweak teams and challenge your friends.
  • Multiplayer and Co-op Modes – The game has an option that allows you to play in different modes. You can anytime choose to play multiplayer level or co-op mode.
  • 14 Classes with 100+ Characters – The game offers 14 classes on the aggregate and up to 100 characters for play. You can choose the characters from past, present, and future with 6 all-new characters that add more intensity to this out-an-out botanical war.
  • Ways around – You can choose to play solo or split-screen co-op during any level in the game. Split-screen feature is available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only.
  • All-new Maps- The world of Suburbia has got 12 new maps loaded with undiscovered secrets.
  • Garden Warfare – Garden Warfare 2 will offer free content updates to make the game more interesting than ever. You are also eligible for rewards in GW2 for your achievements.

Release Date

The game featuring the ultimate battle between plants and freaky zombies will be launched on February 23. The sequel to this third-person shooter is exclusively available for pre-order starting now.

Upcoming EA games 2016
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Upcoming EA games 2016
EA, the big game developer, is ready to release some over-the-top games in 2016. Check out the upcoming EA games 2016 list.
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