Top 3 Torrent clients for Mac
Top 3 Torrent clients for Mac

Every Torrent client allows you to do the basic stuff – downloading. But when it comes to Mac, the requisites stretch till functionality and the resources required.

Talking about resources, you should leave Java-based Torrent clients like, Vuze (Aureus) out of the list.

You will find a pool of alternatives for Mac OS X, but speaking historically, it’s sort of a new situation here. It might appear weird, but uTorrent – the most acclaimed torrent clients, didn’t have any version for Mac.

Top 3 Torrent Clients for Mac


Transmission is the first of its kind default torrent app for Mac. It offers easy-to-use features despite of the fact that “new Torrent” was a disclosure on the Windows front.

The “plug & play” feature of the application allows opening “magnetic links” and torrent files automatically. “Downloads” is the default folder to save files. Creating a new torrent file is very easy with Transmission and its size is only 11.2 MB.


Deluge is the second name in the Mac World which initially appeared quite new and strange to the Mac users. The app was called gTorrent at the time.

It is not as active as Transmission or uTorrent. The GTK+ interface feels more like a Linux Gnome. For common users, the app feels complicated and isn’t that great on usability. One best thing about Deluge is its brilliant support for plugins. Advanced users could explore the feature for their benefit. Size of the app is quite heavy – 71.4 MB.


uTorrent is the third option in the list. It could have been at the second place, if the Adware issues were to be skipped. The app display several ads and commercial notifications which makes it a bit bothersome to use. Nonetheless, all the ads can be removed at a cost of $5 per year.

You might encounter more like a mix of uTorrent for Windows and Transmission. A Windows user might be comfortable with the interface, but that doesn’t make it ideal for Mac from the very beginning. The app size is just 9.1 MB.

The bottom line is that whatever torrent client you use doesn’t alters the difference between basic instructions and issues experienced in all the three clients. It poses most of the problems for heavy users. Recommendation is to go through the uTorrent optimization guide to understand it better.

Top 3 Torrent clients for Mac
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Top 3 Torrent clients for Mac
Torrent is the best way to download huge files via the Web. A torrent client lets you download torrents. Top 3 torrent clients are Transmission, Deluge and uTorrent.
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