How to enable Emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad
How to enable Emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad

Everyone loves using emojis while sending messages. These small images can spice up the experience of sending messages, mails or texts to your friends or business peers, underlining your feelings and emotions in the most fitting manner.

Just like toting-up a keyboard for a new language, you can attach an Emoji keyboard to your iPhone at the drop of a hat in order to enjoy a collection of finest Emojis. The Emojis keyboard is now easily accessible to iOS users; all you need to do is just enable the keyboard and enjoy its usage.

Once the feature is enabled, you will be able to use hundreds of emojis. So are you up for the Emojis fun? Here is how to enable Emoji keyboard on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

To add Emoji icon on your iOS device:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > and then hit Emojis in the list populated on your screen
  • This procedure will install Emoji Keyboard on your device to help you access hundreds of real fun-soaked emojis
  • To use the emojis, tap the Globe button on your keyboard

Note: If you have many Emoji keyboards enabled, you need to tap the Globe icon multiple times.

Guide to using Emojis on your iOS device:

  • To switch the theme of emojis, you can use the icons placed at the bottom of your keyboard
  • To view more emojis, swipe left or right
  • To change the skin of some emojis, Tap and Hold the Emoji (applicable to iOS 8.3 and later)
  • To use the new flag category of emojis, you need to upgrade to iOS 9 or later

These steps will only work on iOS devices. If you send emojis to an Android device, they will probably not show up in the right manner. Instead of smiley or faces, the user will see question marks or rectangular boxes.

So have fun and use this guide to make perfect use of Emojis!

How to enable Emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad
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How to enable Emoji keyboard on iPhone or iPad
Do you know that there is an emoji keyboard hidden in your iPhone? Know how to enable the emoji keyboard to add a number of emojis to your emoji inventory.
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