7 mistakes that kill your iPhone battery
7 mistakes that kill your iPhone battery

Batteries provide the fuel required by all electronic devices to make them fully serve their purpose. Whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, every electronic device is powered by a battery. However, we’re ourselves responsible for killing our batteries, thanks to some of our not-so-good habits.

There is no doubt iPhone is one of the most beautiful and powerful creations of modern tech. With each passing year and every other iteration, the device is evolving into a far better version than its predecessor. However, one simple problem still persists:

“The iPhone Battery Problem”

Most of the times, we aren’t aware of the reasons behind our battery waning out early.

Here’s a list of all the habits that can lead to a useless iPhone battery:

1. Full Charge

If you are one among those who think that a phone with 100 percent battery all-the-time is what makes it durable, then you’re making one big mistake. Charging your iPhone every now and then, as soon as it drops to 90 percent, does no good to your battery.

It’s not at all an efficient trick to keep your iPhone battery always above the 90 percent mark. Experts state that letting your iPhone’s battery level swing between 30-80 percent every day is a perfect fit. It’ll run smoothly and efficiently this way. So, we advice you to quit the continuous or overnight charging habit and let your iPhone enjoy the charge when it really needs it.

2. Don’t overuse

As opposed to users who dash toward the charger in a flash as soon as they see their iPhone’s battery indicator showing a drop to less than 90 percent, there’re many who don’t leave their iPhone unless the battery completely dies.

Even when you receive the warning of low battery, you’re still using it until the phone shuts down. This is also a poor habit. It is a fact that lithium batteries become explosive when they reach the lowest levels. Though the chances are like 1 in a million, you never know as the iPhone userbase is in tens of millions. Therefore, try to avoid using your iPhone when the charge is too low.

Let your battery run out of juice once in every one or two months to balance the battery gauge. But remember, not to make it a routine.

3. Battery Temperature

Temperature, though not a charging issue, is one of the biggest impact-making external-factor to any battery. You’ve noticed many times your battery becomes too hot and sluggish when exposed to Sun or on being used continuously. It happens due to iPhone’s inefficiency in bearing extreme temperatures. Conclusion: Your iPhone needs a proper range of temperature between 32-95 degrees Celsius.

4. Excess of Wireless Charging

Wireless chargers are no less than a boon when you’re on your trip or away from home. It gives your phone the fuel to work and stay working. But contrary to this, the level of harm it poses to your battery is significant. Both the backup battery case and your battery emit heat while charging. It can leave your iPhone’s battery with a fatal damage. Use portable power sources that have no physical contact with your iPhone.

5. Leaving case on

Leaving the case on while you’re charging your phone might cause the heat to get trapped in and subject your iPhone battery to more damage. From now, whenever you leave your iPhone to charge, do so without the case on so that the extra heat gets emitted naturally to the surroundings.

6. Uncharged backup phone

Always in fear of dropping your costly iPhone in the flush or down on concrete, some people keep a backup phone. Ensure that you neither keep your backup phone fully charged nor with zero battery. Where keeping it completely charged might affect its battery power; zero battery might send your phone into deep discharge mode.

7. Wrong choice of charger

Apple offers custom chargers of iPhone for a reason. Apple-issued chargers are sensible and they automatically cut the power when your battery reaches 100 percent. On the other side, cheap and local chargers or unauthorized third-party USB cords might cause some serious damage to your iPhone battery, ultimately making it unusable.

7 mistakes that kill your iPhone battery
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7 mistakes that kill your iPhone battery
Battery problems are inherent in electronic devices. However, you should avoid these 7 battery-waning habits to ensure that your iPhone battery last long.
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