Microsoft to end support for Skype Managed Accounts on March 29
Microsoft to end support for Skype Managed Accounts on March 29

No more Skype Managed Accounts! Is that what you’ve been hearing since long? Well, yes: the long-standing rumor has now become a bitter reality.

Microsoft on Monday, February 16, confirmed that it is introducing a change for business users of its Skype VOIP service.

You see two kinds of Skype accounts, namely Personal and Managed. Where personal account is an individual user account, Managed Accounts are created in Skype Manager and, thus, belong to the same.

Microsoft’s page for Managed Accounts phase-out read,

Starting March 29, all Skype Managed Accounts will automatically turn into Personal Skype accounts.

The company has already started notifying its users of Managed Skype Accounts about the put-down ever since the confirmation came in.

Until then the administrator of Skype Manager can pull back your Skype details like Skype numbers and Skype credits from managed account. After the day, the company will ditch the support, though the administrator will still be able to offer you Skype credit amounts, subscriptions and Skype numbers. Only difference would be that they won’t allow resetting passwords or deleting such accounts.

Users who prefer one separate Skype account managed by the administrator can opt for Skype for Business in order to manage the account likewise.

Microsoft has cleared the queries behind – why is the company doing so, by stating that it wants to improve flexibility for Skype users. Still what we can see as general is the motive to add more and more users to Skype for Business. So that might just be the stepping stone for company in lieu of dropping support for managed accounts to boosts the userbase of Skype for business.

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Microsoft to end support for Skype Managed Accounts on March 29
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Microsoft to end support for Skype Managed Accounts on March 29
Microsoft has decided to shutdown support for the Skype Managed Accounts from March 29. The company stated that it want to improve flexibility by doing so.
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