How to explore hidden emoticon keyboard on your iPhone
How to explore hidden emoticon keyboard on your iPhone

Emoticons aren’t to be confused with emojis. You must have seen the less popular shrug emoticon

¯\_ (ツ) _/¯which, to me, appears much like “I did what”, though!

Emoticons, in short, are a collection of characters put together to resemble a face, animal, some funny expression or emotion. Thinking of the emoticons as typical smiley faces with funny expressions; they seem like characters with personality.

When you come to try by yourself to make an emoticon; one like the shrug-face above, it takes efforts way more than simply using an emoji. Emojis are predesigned whereas you’ve to make emoticons yourself by combination of different characters and symbols on your keyboard.

Did you ever notice some popular emoticons on Facebook or Twitter? Ever wondered how much time someone must’ve utilized to create such emoticons? Perhaps, yes!

Creating an emoticon isn’t an easy task but now, it will be! You no longer have to try and figure out different combination and ideas for crafting some emoticons that will depict emotions. The digital equivalent of Rubik’s cube is no more the issue. We recently discovered a new hidden keyboard on iPhone that packs within a pretty good stock of emoticons.

Just follow the simple steps below to activate an all-new keyboard on your iPhone and enjoy all hidden features:

  • Launch the settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap on General, followed by keyboard
  • Select Keyboards option
  • Add New Keyboard
  • Down the list add Japanese as available keyboard language
  • Select Kana

On exit from the settings app, launch messages or open any such app where you can use text or type. The Globe icon will be visible on your keyboard, tap on it to switch keyboard. Now you can enjoy both the keyboards on your iPhone whenever you wish to.

As soon as you activate the Kana keyboard on your iPhone, you will see an emoticon in the last row of your keyboard. Select the emoticon with the up arrow.

Soon after a list of new emoticons will be displayed: you can choose any emoticon you want with just a tap! Though it’s a bit of brainy task to find out what exactly all the emoticons mean, still it’s sure you will find some fun ways to use them. They are all funny and interesting.

The hidden keyboard is worth a try and of great use, especially when you have a taste for emoticons.

For like *\ (^o^) /* appears a cheer emoticon, even if it’s not, it now will!

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How to explore hidden emoticon keyboard on your iPhone
How to find secret hidden iOS emoticon keyboard on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Enable hidden keyboard on iPhone.
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  • Jenny Alba

    I love emojis ;p. Probably one of the best things to do 🙂 while chatting. Thanks a lot for the update 😀