If your are wretched of watching random pop-up ads in your browser then your system is perhaps infected by an adware or a potentially unwanted program.

These ads are usually rendered by an ad-supported extension on your browser, which is disseminated via different monetization platforms during installation. These nasty extensions typically come bundled with some free software applications, such as a screensaver, you install on your system.

These adware programs can lead to slow PC performance, crashes and freezes, along with suppressing the speed of your Internet. Sometimes these flaws can make your system unstable. So if you want a complete solution to secure your system from adware infections or any other type of malicious software then head to the guide below and easily clean your system from these nasty things.

Here’s how to remove all unwanted ads from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer:

Uninstall the program responsible for unwanted ads

Simply go to Control panel and select uninstall a program under Programs category. Now find Programs and Features and click uninstall a program.

Your computer screen will be prompted with the list of all installed application available on your computer. Now right-click any suspicious application and uninstall it. If you are facing some issues while uninstalling a program, you can use any uninstalling application like PC Optimizer Pro to completely remove unwanted applications from your computer.

Remove adware from your PC using AdwCleaner

If you are still experiencing issues of pop-up ads in your browser then AdwCleaner may well help your cause. The application will automatically scan your computer and web browser for all potential threats, including adware browser extensions, registry keys and malicious files.

Download AdwCleaner, but make sure you close all open programs before running it. Click Scan to start scanning. Once the application is done with detecting all malicious files, click Clean. The application will demand a reboot of your system, click Ok to do so.

The next time you start your computer there will be no adware on it.

Even after using the application, if your browser is showing ad pop-ups then you need to restore you browser to its default settings. This will free your computer from pop-up ads and adware, though you’ll need to compromise some of your extensions or plugins.

How to block unwanted ads in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
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How to block unwanted ads in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
Ads can infuriate you while doing some serious work in your favorite web browser. Know how to remove unwanted ads from Chrome, Firefox and IE.
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