Google Chrome to drop SPDY support on May 15
Google Chrome to drop SPDY support on May 15

Google has announced to drop support for SPDY on May 15. The term isn’t an abbreviation, but a short form of “Speedy”, which is Google’s protocol to improve internet browsing. It will do so by forcing the SSL encryption for sites, thus stacking the pages faster.

The date is special in the sense that May 15 is the anniversary of HTTP/2. HTTP/2 is a touted next-gen protocol to transfer info throughout the web. It’s an improved version of HTTP/1.1 with better functionality and outcomes. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) published its RFC this day.

According to Google, HTTP/2 has received vast acceptance from web servers and browsers as well over the last few years. HTTP/2 is now among the most supported Internet protocols with over 25 percent of resources served over it.

For SPDY, it was mere 5 percent or less. Now, the question arises about servers that don’t support HTTP/2 but SPDY. Well, after the scheduled demise of SPDY they’ll just serve Chrome requests over HTTP/1.1.

Also on May 15, Google Chrome will drop the TLS extension NPN support. The extension was responsible to negotiate SPDY and HTTP/2 networks with clients to favor ALPN, published by the IETF in 2014. Google reports that ALPN already took 99 percent of its time to confer HTTP/2 and Chrome. It also urged the administrators of rest of the services to upgrade their SSL library and add ALPN support.

The World Wide Web communication is possible only by the HTTP app protocol. It has been seeing concern to speed up and advance. After HTTP/1.1, which was a standardized HTTP protocol back in June 1999, HTTP/2 will be the first ever version.

We see a clear reason behind Google’s idea to take hand off SPDY. HTTP/2 is being developed by the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Bis (httpbis) working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) which is SPDY-based. Most of the improvements in multiplexing, header compression, prioritization, and protocol negotiation have come as an outcome of efforts laid on SPDY.

At present, a major portion of the web is HTTP/1.1 based. Browsers must adopt new and latest protocols before the sites do, to maintain their usability. We can expect other popular browsers from Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple to step away from SPDY network to HTTP/2 sometime soon.

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Google Chrome to drop SPDY support on May 15
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Google Chrome to drop SPDY support on May 15
Google has decided to end SPDY support for the Chrome web browser. After May 15th 2016, Chrome will rely on HTTP/1.1 to serve all the Chrome requests.
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