Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop
How to Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop with a Realistic Effect

Your photos are important for you; they are your memories. And there’s no chance you’d want to leave your memories in an ordinary look. That’s where photo editing steps in. Talking about image editing and not taking Photoshop into account seems impossible. Already eager to know how you can blur backgrounds in Photoshop? Scroll down the article to learn this.

Photoshop owns extraordinary and advanced features to not only edit your images beautifully but also give them a realistic effect. No matter how basic- or pro-level knowledge you have about Photoshop, there are some features that you can easily be perfect at. One of these tools is the Tilt-shift Blur Filter that is specially designed for beginners.

Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop using Tilt-shift Blur Filter

Using this filter, you can give a shallow feel of field focus to the flat backgrounds of your images. Here’s how to use it blur backgrounds in Photoshop:

  1. Right-click at the background layer
  2. Select Convert to Smart Object
  3. Now, head to Filter and click Blur Gallery > Tilt-shift
  4. Take a look at your image, too. You can see the effects of filter values on the image, with a pin at the center and some dotted lines above and below this pin
  5. There are two panels at the right of your image: Blur Tools panel (above), containing filter’s values, and Blur Effects panel which has bokeh effect settings

Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop-Blur Effects Panel and Blur Tools Panel-Pin at the Center

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  1. In the top-left corner of the image, you’ll see an Options bar with three options: High Quality to control image quality, Preview which must be checked to see the changes to your image as they are happening, and the curved arrow which removes all the blur pins on your image
  2. The middle part between the solid lines is the protected area which will not get affected by Tilt-shift Blur filter
  3. Click and drag the pin at the center to the position that you want to blur
  4. Take your mouse arrow to the outer ring of the pin and click and drag the arrow clockwise or anti-clockwise. The former increases the blur amount and the latter decreases this amount
  5. You can click and drag the solid lines to rotate the protected and remaining areas.

Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop-Rotate AreasWhen you click and drag the dotted lines, they will go apart or close. The more apart they are, the smoother the transition gets

  1. In the Blur Tools panel, if you drag the distortion slider to the right, it will give a zoom effect to blurring. And if you drag it to the left, it will give a spin effect.
    Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop-GIve Bokeh EffectJust make sure the Symmetric Distortion box is check on the panel so that the effects work on both top and bottom parts of the image

That’s all it takes to blur backgrounds in Photoshop! Do your experiments with the filter and find out your desired image.

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How to Blur Backgrounds in Photoshop with a Realistic Effect
Talking about image editing and not taking Photoshop into account seems impossible. Want to know how you can blur backgrounds in Photoshop? Read the post.
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