Add Time and Location Stickers
How to Add Time and Location Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has constantly been hitting the ball every day to enhance user experience more than before. And, this is necessary too! Although it has been the leading name in the IM messaging world, WhatsApp has got a new competition by Facebook Messenger, that’s catching up quickly. Just as the popular messaging platforms like Snapchat let you paste stickers on your photos and videos, WhatsApp, too, has rolled out a new feature in its latest update that allows both iOS and Android users to add time and location stickers to your media files.

Read the article to learn how you can make the most of your WhatsApp experience by teasing your loved ones with personalized media sharing.

Add Time and Location Stickers on Photos

Choose a Media File

  1. Open the conversation you want to share a time and location sticker with
  2. The next step is separate for iOS and Android users:
  • On iOS: tap the ‘+’ icon to the left of the text entry field, and select “Photo & Video Library
  • On Android: tap the paperclip icon and the camera button in the text field, and select “Gallary
  1. Once your gallery appears, select the media file that you wish to send to your contacts. iPhone users can also select a GIF. All they need to do is simply tap “GIFs” in the left corner of the display

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Select Your Desired Sticker

After making clear which media file you want to share with your contacts, do the following to choose the sticker of your choice:

  1. Tap the smiley face icon
  2. Select the sticker that you wish to paste on to your media file
  3. You can select time with two options of digital and analog clocks

Add Time and Location Stickers-Add Stickers

  1. iPhone users can also add location sticker here to inform their contacts about their whereabouts

Edit Stickers

Add Time and Location Stickers-Edit StickersSharing conventional stickers is boring! You can personalize your stickers to jazz things up. Simply tap on the sticker to make it lighter or darker. Also, readjust its position to keep it in ideal place by dragging it around the display. In case the sticker turned out to be something you don’t like, remove it. You can do so by dragging it to the trash bin in the top-left corner of the screen. Add some other sticker, instead. Once done, tap the blue send button to send it to your contacts.

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How to Add Time and Location Stickers on WhatsApp
WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature in its latest update that allows both iOS and Android users to add time and location stickers to your media files.
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