Apple HomePod Review
Apple HomePod Review: Smart Speaker with Great Sound

The highly-anticipated Apple’s smart speaker HomePod has finally arrived with a price tag of $349. It can be controlled using Siri and intended primarily for high-quality music playback. HomePod isn’t just an AirPlay speaker; you can even use it for many other tasks in the same manner as you can do with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can use the smart speaker’s Siri assistant to perform everyday tasks in a jiffy, ranging from checking weather forecasts to controlling all your HomeKit devices. Well, it’s just a promo. Scroll down to our hands on Apple HomePod review to look into the big picture.

Apple HomePod Review: The Checklist

  1. Apple HomePod Review: Design

Apple HomePod Review - Design

At the moment, the HomePod is available in two color options: white and space gray. It’s a beautifully designed speaker in a rounded cylindrical shape; it’s larger in all dimensions than the Amazon Echo (2nd generation). At the top side, the device boasts a shiny black-plastic disc that lights up and is touch-sensitive. Users can tap it to customize the volume, replay a music track, and enable Siri.

With 6.8-inches length and 5.6-inches diameter, Apple HomePod is slightly larger than Sonos One but much smaller than the Google Home Max. It also comes with a power cord, which is covered in a cloth-like material. Unfortunately, the cable is not detachable, so if it gets damaged, you’ll need to sign up for AppleCare+ ($39), which includes two years of coverage for up to two incidents.

  1. Apple HomePod Review: Setup

Apple HomePod Review - Setup

Apple HomePod setup is quite easy. Alike Apple AirPods, just hold your iPhone or iPad near the smart speaker and it automatically detects the HomePod. Once detected, your device will walk you through the setup process. However, your iPhone or iPad will need to be connected to WiFi and have Bluetooth turned on. In case you don’t own an iOS device, you’re out of luck as you can only set up Apple HomePod with an iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Apple HomePod Review: Sound

Apple HomePod Review - Sound

Apple HomePod sounds really good, all thanks to its seven tweeters, a series of six microphones, and a large woofer. The tech major is claiming a frequency response of 40Hz to 20,000Hz. Its A8 chip influences the real-time modeling of the DSP (Digital Signal Processing), woofer mechanics, echo cancellation, as well as the beamforming.

If you position the HomePod in the middle of a room, you’ll get a 360-degree sound spreading all around. However, when you move it to a wall, it will work as per the nearby surfaces and split sound accordingly. This means, the background tools will be reflected back and the main vocals will be given a more powerful and direct route to your ears. You can also sync up two HomePod speakers for even richer sound if you want.

  1. Apple HomePod Review: Siri

Apple HomePod Review - Siri

It’s evident that Apple picked sound as its focus over Siri. Similar to Alexa and Google Assistant, you can use Siri to send messages, play music and podcasts, read the news, and control your smart home devices. You can activate Siri by saying, ‘Hey Siri’ just like you do on your iOS device. Even with the high volume, Siri will hear your voice over the music. Despite the fact that you can use it to send messages, reminders, and notes, it will sync only to the account of the person’s smartphone that is used to set up the HomePod. In order to make or receive calls, you need to make or accept the call on your phone and then select the HomePod as a speakerphone.

  1. Apple HomePod Review: Verdict

Apple HomePod Review - Verdict

Overall, Apple HomePod is a great smart speaker with remarkable audio quality. It’s easy to use, constantly precise at comprehending spoken commands and acting on them. When it comes to choosing music tracks, reading the news, and setting timers, among others, the device works just amazing. In case you’re a subscriber of Apple Music or count heavily on your iTunes music library, HomePod is the only smart speaker you can go with.

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Apple HomePod Review: Smart Speaker with Great Sound
The highly-anticipated Apple’s smart speaker HomePod has finally arrived with a price tag of $349. HomePod isn’t just an AirPlay speaker; you can even use it for many other tasks in the same manner as you can do with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Scroll down to read our hands on Apple HomePod review.
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