2017 was a phenomenal year in which good deals of prominent apps were introduced. Most business merchants gradually realize mobile app is not an optional investment but a necessity. Creating brand awareness and loyalty amongst potential customers with app development is the need of the hour. In this cut-throat business scenario, gaining a competitive edge helps you stay ahead, so download the best 5 New Year Resolution apps 2018.

The whole world has gone mobile and there is no looking back. With 2018 around the corner, pull up your socks to accomplish a list of New Year resolutions. Stay fit, financially sound, learn a new skill, quit smoking or consume less alcohol. Do yourself a favor by downloading 5 best New Year Resolution Apps 2018 on your iOS and Android devices.

New Year Resolution Apps 2018


Having a unique interface, this personal nutrition and activity tracker is user-friendly. Keep track of your routine and enhance your health with this New Year Resolution App 2018. The app helps you live a balanced life by giving simple tips without pushing you too far. One of the major pitfalls of staying fit is eating unhealthy food in large quantities. Know your calorie consumption rate to stay on the path of success.


Without a doubt, quitting smoking is one of the best New Year resolutions. You’ll agree this addictive habit has horrible effects on your health. Favor yourself by downloading SMOKE FREE app on your smartphones. Track your smoke-free time and the amount of money you’ve saved while not smoking. The valuable app makes it easier to curb your habit.

  1. MINT

Control your finances with this free Android and iOS app. Keep an eye on your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments if any to know where you stand, with the help of one of the most useful New Year Resolution Apps 2018. Know your savings, spending and paying bills at ease.


If learning a new language is on your cards, download MEMRISE right away. The most awarded language app has a user-friendly interface and is free. Surprise your loved ones by learning new languages and becoming fluent in them.


Alcohol addiction is injurious. It not only wreaks havoc on your body but also hurts the sentiments of loved ones. The app connects you with sober people nearby and across the globe. The 24/7 community helps you interact by sending private messages, post message, photos and share videos. Sometimes having someone who understands you the most is what you all need. Give it a shot!

That’s all! What’s your pick?

2017 may have been an unfulfilled dream but make new resolutions, some serious promises and carry them forward in this upcoming year with the 5 Best New Year Resolution Apps 2018.

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5 Best New Year Resolution Apps 2018
In this cut-throat business scenario, gaining a competitive edge helps you stay ahead, so download the best 5 New Year Resolution apps 2018.
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