Skullgirls to arrive on mobile with a role-playing twist

If you are a die-hard fan of punch-em-ups, but not satisfied with current mobile games there’s good news for you. Lab Zero’s hyper-stylized fighting game, Skullgirls is all set to make its debut on mobile.

Developer Hidden Variable (notable for producing versions of Threes) announced that it is developing a Skullgirls game for iOS and Android versions, but with a small twist. The developer announced that it is adding role playing elements in the game, which means that you can collect, equip and upgrade characters throughout the game. A new fight assist option is also there to help you within the game.

By introducing RPG elements within the game, the developer does two things for the mobile version. First, it introduces the same old content, but in a different manner. So, even the people who’ve already played the game may find it appealing. Secondly, the game makes up for intrinsically slippery game controls by allowing you to take advantage of new fight assist option that keeps you benefiting throughout the whole game.

According to the developers, Skullgirls on mobile needs ‘a little extra moxie’ to run smoothly.  This means only the high-end device will be capable of running the game. Pricing and other information is not clear yet. So chances are that the developer may choose to launch the game on one-type payment model or it may choose to take advantage of newer RPG elements to introduce in-app purchases. Given the game’s reputation on other platforms, players won’t mind paying few bucks to tweak their characters and make further upgrades, but what will be the fun in all this.

Skullgirls won’t arrive until sometime before the end of the year. So we can expect to have more details of the game by the time the release date approaches near. For now, you can apply to get into the closed beta. You just need to visit the official site and apply for the beta access. However, you’ll still need higher end device if you want to get your hands on the beta version.

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Skullgirls to arrive on mobile with a role-playing twist
Lab Zero’s hyper-stylized fighting game, Skullgirls is all set to make its debut on mobile.Developer Hidden Variable announced that it is developing android and iOS version of the game.
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