Top 10 best Proxy software 2016
Top 10 best Proxy software 2016

Proxy software is a simple program that allows you to hide your IP information from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). To do so, a Proxy software makes use of intermediary server known as a proxy server. The primary function of this (proxy) server is to intercept all requests made to other servers. You can configure a proxy server on Mac as well. That’s the reason you always need best proxy software for your Internet sessions.

A Proxy software can be used for multiple purposes, from protecting your network information over the Internet (by using an anonymous IP) to access websites normally restricted. Proxy servers are best used by users who take their network security very seriously. Also, you can use proxy server in Chrome for Windows.

In this article, we’ll be covering top 10 best proxy software of 2016. You can use any of these top proxy server software to safeguard your identity over the Internet.

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Top 10 best proxy software 2016

  1. Hotspot Shield

    1. HotSpot Shield

    The most famous proxy software Hotspot Shield requires no introduction. The application is available in 2 different versions: an ad-supported free version and an add-free paid version.

    Despite the version, the proxy tool is available for an unlimited use and helps you access blocked websites and links. Hotspot Shield lets you take on a random IP from a number of countries, including America, Russia, China and Spain.

  2. Spotflux

    2. Spotflux

    Spotflux is a US-based proxy software. The proxy software is available for free and doesn’t serve any ads. Unblock and access all blocked sites with Spotflux, all without any kinds of ads or restriction.

  3. UltraSurf

    3. UltraSurf

    Ultrasurf, a Chinese proxy software, offers you to maintain anonymity over the Web while following the motto “PRIVACY.SECURITY.FREEDOM.” The software is free to download and is already in use by millions of users around the globe. You can also download UltraSurf software to get this proxy software on your PC.

  4. GappProxy

    4. GappProxy

    GappProxy is free for personal as well as commercial use. The proxy software is available as an open-source project, which means you can easily modify it as per your requirements.

  5. Freegate

    5. Freegate

    Freegate is another useful proxy software developed by Dynamic Internet Technology Inc. Freegate is available for free to access restricted spaces of the Web. You can easily watch geo-blocked content using the software or access normally restricted websites. Freegate requires no change in system settings to work.

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  1. GTunnel

    6. GTunnel

    GTunnel works as a local HTTP/STOCKS server to provide proxy server capabilities. The small software takes only a few seconds to get installed on compatible devices. Follows industry standard algorithms for changing and protecting your device’s IP over the Internet.

  2. Your Freedom

    7. Your Freedom

    Your Freedom is a free proxy software that lets you easily change your IP over the Internet for accessing restricted Web content. Your Freedom hides your Web search history from your ISP.

  3. Tunnelier

    8. Tunnelier

    Tunnelier not only serves as a proxy software but it also helps you keep safe against a number of Internet threats like viruses and adware. You can access blocked sites and bypass stop filters using this proxy software.

  4. Tor

    9. Tor Project

    Tor is one of the most widely used and trusted proxy software. In addition to allowing you access for the restricted Internet spaces, it also provides traffic analysis and continuously monitors your Internet connection. The software is freely available for personal as well as commercial use.

  5. GPass

    10. GPass

    GPass lets you stay safe from various Internet threats while providing you proxy services to maintain your anonymity over the Web. It also lets you know if someone starts snooping on your network.

That sums up the list of 10 best proxy software in 2016.

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Top 10 best Proxy software 2016
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Top 10 best Proxy software 2016
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