Facebook Messenger's hidden soccer game
How to play Facebook Messenger's hidden soccer game

You all know Facebook is popular for its messaging service, but over time it has transformed into a gaming hub for the majority of users. Latest addition in its list is an easter egg, a hidden game that lets you kick (or poke) a soccer ball along with your Facebook friends. Much like Facebook Messenger’s hidden basketball game; all you need to do to play Facebook Messenger’s hidden soccer game is ‘send an emoji’!

Get started by simply sending a soccer emoji to any of your friends. Once sent, you just need to tap the emoji and you will become part of the game to see which player (you or your friend) can keep the soccer ball in air…for the longest!

Messenger's soccer game

To keep the soccer ball in air, keep tapping it continuously so that it doesn’t touch the ground. Keep tapping and hope you can beat the highest score.
Note that Facebook Messenger’s hidden soccer game is pretty much darned addictive like its baseball mini game.

Have a shot at this newly-found hidden soccer game in Messenger and feel free to leave comments on how you liked the game or you can share your score, maybe!

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How to play Facebook Messenger's hidden soccer game
Do you know there's a new hidden game in your all-time favorite Facebook? Check out the Messenger's hidden soccer game now and create a new highscore now!
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